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A Balance overhaul aiming to make the game harder and closer to realism in some aspects, while retaining fun in others.

Permissions and credits
Combat Module
Replaced vanilla .tbl on armor values. and buffs. Silly me.
Uploaded a version with no perk edits, should anyone want to use perks from another mod.

Ver. 1.3
Reworked bow damage by reworking arrow properties. Now most arrows do slashing damage, piercing damage on piercing, long-distance and quality arrows reduced. Please give feedback.

Ver. 1.2
1.Reworked armor values on a piece by piece basis
General rules: Slash Blunt Stab
Clothes - untouched
Padded x1.15 x1.3 x0.6
Brigandine x1.3 x0.7 x1.15
Chainmail x1.4 x0.4 x0.8
Plate x1.5x0.3x1.3
CoP x1.4x0.5x1.2
2.Leather and hunter gloves no longer Plate armor
3.Coats of plates are now plate armor, albeit adjusted differently
4.Short brigandine chausses and vambraces no longer plate armor.

Ver. 1.1
1.Reworked the combat oriented perks
2.Nerfed Bivoj's Rage potion.
3.Severely nerfed Cuman Killer perk. No longer provides a damage bonus and only a 10% increase in surrender/flee behaviour - still heavily dependant on your equipment and stats.
Power progression should be more of a curve now.

Ver. 1.0
First Release, Combat Module, Aimed at making combat more difficult and late game fights to last longer than one swing.
1.Reworked Stamina Management. (Depletes Faster, regenerates slower)
2.All Armor values increased by a factor of 1.5 (credit to Kain5060 and his work @ -Temporary, future plan to rework each piece of armor by hand.
3.Reworked Damage on all melee weapons in the game, generally lowering it. High End weapons are still powerful, but hopefully not enough to one shot.
4.Slight Edits to AI behaviour(credit to Kain5060 and effret777) 
-Decreased skill level effect on attack power and defense.
-Decreased low durability effect on weapons and armors by around 50% because most AI have low durability gears. Doesn't affect charisma.
-Stamina damage now will cause your injuries to worsen. You'll still need to get injured first by getting health damage.
-AI attacks and dodges more often, perfect blocks and ripostes less often.

Bows feel pretty well balanced to me as they are, only problem is helmet hitboxes are wonky and arrow registers as if it hits the head rather than the helmet, i don't think there's much i can do about it right now. I'll keep looking into it, obviously.

Plans for future
1.Rework Bow damages. - in Progress
2.Add more perks(Suggestions welcome) - After balancing the perks, i feel like progression is in a pretty good place right now, so adding new perks means i have to come up with a set of perks that differ from the vanilla ones and offer an alternate path. Also some vanilla perks implementation is half assed(for example blacksmith's son is broken because it's cumulative from all the weapons equipped and with vanilla parameters nets up to a 30% increase in damage.)

Economy Module(and gameplay alterations)
Await release in 15-18 hours.
One of the problems with balancing economy is the inventory capacity of the player and your horse, so no matter how much prices are increased getting money in the game is not a problem. The solution i've come up with is trying to provide the player with outlets for their hard-earned groschen and actually making groschen hard-earned. 
2.List of changes - currently undergoing testing
  • Limit available inventory space for both player and horse
  • Remove level requirement from [Well Worn] perk, since learning how to put on armor properly to evenly distribute the weight across the body is a skill that is probably learned fairly early on.
  • Increase purchase prices 
  • Increase crime fines, where applicable (not paying your way out of a murder, you sociopath)
  • Increase horse prices(now range from 500 to 4000 groschen)
  • Increase rent and permanent rent prices(much more expensive now, since i believe that rooms were actually reserved for wealthier people, where simple wayfarers would lodge with peasants)
  • Slightly increase trainer prices(around a 33% increase across the board)
  • Balance values on certain items to prevent activities, such as hunting from being utterly useless.(Game is supposed to be damn expensive)
  • Increase the rate of hunger onset, to justify buying food(or stealing it), sadly there's nothing i can do about the cooking pots so far.

Installation - Drop the zzz_IMournForCombatBalance.pak into your KingdomComeDeliverance\Data folder and English_xml.pak into your KingdomComeDeliverance\Localization folder.