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Compatible with ONLY v1.9.2 to v1.9.6. Supports all DLC. Instantly unlock and open locked doors and stashes at your skill level, and attempt more difficult locks through the minigame. Previously opened stashes are also marked as "searched" and previously unlocked stashes can be opened with a single key press.

Permissions and credits

With Lockpicking Overhaul, you can instantly unlock and open locked doors and stashes at your Lockpicking skill level, and attempt more difficult locks through the minigame.

Game Compatibility

Lockpicking Overhaul v1.9.7.2 is compatible with ONLY the following game versions:

  • Kingdom Come v1.9.2-6
  • Kingdom Come v1.9.2-6 + All DLC

No update was required for v1.9.6 because NOTHING CHANGED.

Do not report that "the mod does not work" for future game versions if you have no clue what you're talking about.

In addition, your failure to install and enable a mod does not mean the mod does not work. You don't work. You're broken.

Game Compatibility Disclaimer

Lockpicking Overhaul is verified compatible with ONLY the indicated game versions. If you use Lockpicking Overhaul with an incompatible version of the game, you may experience serious issues such as, at best, crashes on load and, at worst, save corruption.

Neither fireundubh nor Warhorse Studios are responsible for game issues that arise from use of this mod.

If you experience any of the aforementioned issues:

  • Do NOT report crashing or save corruption issues to Warhorse Studios.
  • Do NOT send corrupted save data to Warhorse Studios.
  • Update Lockpicking Overhaul, if an update is available, or uninstall the mod and wait for an update.

Whenever the game is updated, Lockpicking Overhaul will generally need to be updated, too. Specifically, the Stash Patch, which adds Lua support to more than 200 stashes, must be updated whenever level data is patched.

A compatibility advisory will be posted shortly after every game update. Please check the mod description at those times and update the mod immediately if a new mod version has been uploaded. If a new advisory has not been posted within 24 hours since the most recent game update, please send a message to fireundubh to inquire about game compatibility.

Limited mod support is available only to users playing the latest version of the game and the latest version of the mod.

Backward compatibility is not possible.

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  1. Download the file.
  2. Navigate to wherever you installed Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
  3. Create a Mods folder in the game's root path. It should be at the same level as Data, Engine, Localization, etc.
  4. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into your Mods folder.
  5. Play the game.


  • Pick locks as normal.
  • If you have the requisite skill and lockpicks, locked doors and stashes will simply unlock and open.
  • If you encounter a more difficult lock, you can attempt to pick that lock through the minigame.


Instant Unlock Requirements

These are the new requirements for instant unlock.

What's new? Very Easy now encompasses Lock Level 6, which is the level of the training chest. Accordingly, there are now more Very Easy locks, but this is consistent with the developer's intent, if we assume Miller Peshek's training chest should be pickable while unskilled.

Lockpicking XP Formula

As of v1.9, the XP formula matches vanilla exactly. Thanks to Warhorse developer Bart.

XP = RPG.LockPickingSuccessXPMulCoef * (lockDifficulty + 1) / (RPG.LockPickingSuccessXPDivCoef * skillLevel + 1)

In addition, Stealth XP is rewarded for picking locks, derived from RPG.LockPickingStealthXP.

Remember Searched Stashes

When stashes are opened, they are marked as "searched" in the UI.

Intermod Compatibility

  • Loot Info: Load Lockpicking Overhaul after Loot Info

Changed Files

Any mod that changes these files is incompatible:

- Data\Levels\rataje\**\*.xml (Stash Patch only)
- Data\Levels\rataje_dlc4\**\*.xml (Stash Patch only)
- Data\Scripts\Entities\Doors\AnimDoor.lua
- Data\Scripts\Entities\WH\Stash\AnimStash.lua
- Localization\{lang}_xml.pak\text_ui_ingame.xml