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This mod adds a console command to configure the length of the Perfect Block slow-motion effect, including disabling it completely. Also includes my original mod that simply removes the slow motion sound effect.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a console command "sys_spec_twtoggle" that controls the length of the slow-motion effect when perfect blocking and master striking.


Main File:
Drag and drop the Data folder into your root KC:D directory and then edit the pak.cfg file inside your Data folder and add the following to the end
Every update for KC:D will likely overwrite the pak.cfg file, so you'll need to edit it again.

Optional Files:
Place this in the root directory, the same place where system.cfg is located, to automatically set slow motion to disabled. If you already have a
user.cfg, simply add the line inside to the end of your existing user.cfg file.

No Slow Mo' Sound
Drag and drop the Mods folder into your root KC:D directory.

No AI Master Strikes
Same as above. Note that this *will* conflict with other mods that edit rpg_param.xml!


sys_spec_twtoggle has 7 options that can be changed by either editing the line in user.cfg, or using the console in-game.
1: Default slow motion effect
2: Completely disabled slow motion
3 - 7: Keep the slow motion effect, but speed it up. 3 is fastest, 7 is slowest