Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Hardcore Save added - Similar to save 2.

First Save - Starts at the Beginning after speaking to Mother.

Second Save - Starts in Rattay Mill with the Tutorial Done.

Third Save - same as Forth save, but requires all DLC, starts with Black Stallion and dog.

Forth Save -

Permissions and credits
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ALL SAVES WORK ON 1.9.6 With or Without all DLC Flawlessly. Hardcore save "May" require DLC**

Extract, then pick a folder, take the save out of that folder
and put it Into C:\Users\Your Username HERE\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves\playline3

If folder "Playline3" Does not exist, create it. (Playline3 will actually be Playline 4 in-game as Playline 1 is actually labeled as playline0)
Or change it to any number up to the maximum amount of playlines that are available

Should work in all patches of the game.

-The  start save is in the house after talking to Mother..

-The Tutorial Save Starts right after waking up in Rattay Mills looking at your trunk with all the items in it.

Note: These saves will more than likely cap your warfare at 19,  All you have to do is get in a fight with someone and it will go to 20. Main Level will be capped at 19, nothing I can do about that, but it makes no impact on your game and has no ties to achievement progression.


Same as the second save but Hardcore Mode!, Lots of gold in stash, about 6.5k in inventory. Some Items and Armor in the stash as well. Not as many as the Author's pick. DLC is required. Leipa set and Zoul set (Best in the game) Sinew Bow and Boar Shield. Hound-master may be at 0 but the perks are all there. Any missing items or perk skills etc can be added with the Cheat mod found here on nexus.

(Poop was not thrown, Kunesh was knocked out and all of his crap was stolen, this avoided a fight and he knows nothing, All honorable start, Success on all dialogue with the lady while in bed, Armor was taken and left the castle by bribing the guard and acting as an envoy instead of stealing a horse.)

Updated, Horse Added, Houndmaster Fixed, Dagger added Hair of the Dog added. (Negative Hardcore Perks have also been removed)

***THE SAVE MAY SAY MODDED, BUT IT WORKS WITHOUT ANY MODS AS THERE IS NOTHING EQUIPPED*** DLC may still be required *** Does not Effect Achievements.***

README Included in save

First File, Start Normal

Has all perks and skills to 20, with a max character level of 19.
The Main Level - This I can't fix, but main level in this game does not mean anything and you already have all the perks.

--This Save has all perks, meaning exclusives as well, they may be blanked but you should still have them active.,

Please Follow Instructions, and if you overwrite your saves, please save them before hand, I am not responsible for your lost game saves.

Second File, Tutorial Done  Normal

Same as First but:

The Tutorial is Done, In Rattay Mill Looking at the Trunk with goods in it. added coin some weapons, armor, goods, misc etc.

(before tutorial end, --
Did not throw poop at Douche's house, Saved Theresa from the Cumans, Got on Horse and left Talmburg)

Now Includes proper items as said above, plus Dice, Poisons, Horse Armor, Potions and more!

3rd File DLC Save ALL DLC Normal

Same as the XTutorial Save below, but with select DLC items, Lords of Lepia and Zoul gear added. Sinew Bow, and Boarback Shield. Did not add the Zoul shield, forgot, but it's a PoS anyways. Cheat_add_item id:ui_nm_shield_hagen amount:1 health:100 for shield.

Requires ALL DLC. You start this time with the Black Stallion, and the Dog is already waiting outside. Houndmaster is also level 20 with all perks.

Note: The save may say it's modded, but it's really not. Don't listen to it. It's clean. I advise getting the All the Pretty Horses mod off nexus here for a, waaaaay better Stallion.. see what i did there?

4th File, Tutorial Done Lots of Extra Items

Same as the Second file with the Tutorial done, but a lot of items added to the trunk, Also contains all herbs.
More of a Testing Save, but can also be used for Fun. (Also contains the popular Hooded Monk's Robes)

I made these saves files for the sole purpose of testing, and or just having fun.

If you Enjoyed these saved games please Like it, If you really enjoyed it and it helped you out a lot, please endorse it!

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This Save-Game mod is made by Grubbs008 and is ONLY allowed to be uploaded by Grubbs008 on Nexusmods unless stated otherwise.
If you find it elsewhere, IT'S STOLEN.
You are not allowed to change my saved game and upload it as your own.