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This mod is a dirty replacer for the warhorse armor, which makes it into Radzig brigandine outfit and Radzig Battle armor.

Permissions and credits
V 1.3 makes the bascinet helmets and coifs visible again as has been asked. The red hose has also been made visible again as I have come across a few npcs wearing it, and one of the two warhorse greaves have been edited to take the hose slot instead.

V 1.2 adds Radzig armor without helmet from the intro, and removes Radzig battle armor with helmet that does not work in 1st person. It also gets rid of the gold belt from the warhorse waffenrock by using other nonused models. However, to get these items, you now need to use spraguep cheat mod and the .txt ffile included in the archive :
Put the.txt file in the Kingdom Come Deliverance folder and ingame use the console to type "exec radzigarmor.txt", without the " "
As a bonus, this mod also adds a darker version of Radzig outfit (happy accident with ingame parameters really) and Hanush outfit, incase you want to look like a rich and fat blackmith's son...

As of V 1.1, this mod also adds the Radzig battle armor into the warhorse coif. If you want to equip the battle armor, equip the warhorse armor except for the waffenrock (which is still the base outfit). Beware however, the first person view of the battle armor is completely bugged (nonexistent). This is far out of my modding skills, so use as you wish.

Hi everyone !

Let me start by saying that this is my first mod, and it is very dirty and unrefined. Basically, what it does is it turns the warhorse waffenrock into Radzig civil outfit ( kinda brigandine with armored legs).

Only, this outfit is not intended for the player : it is a complete outfit (except for the head), and as such  it clips with everything you wear (including the default underwear). So, as a workaround, this mod disables the models of the warhorse armor : if you try and equip anything without the waffenrock, it will update your stats accordingly but the clothes will not appear and you will see Henry naked body (no penis has been designed by the developpers, so you will only see a... quite empty and disturbing sight). I chose the warhorse armor because it is the only one I could think of nobody but you wears, because I find it quite ugly (sorry), and because I like the idea that you have a long quest to find all the pieces already ingame. Also, I did the mod for me, sorry if you do not have the warhorse dlc. I will however explain how to do a similar mod at the end of the description.

Also, this mod does the same for the dark padded coif and the red hose, since no warhorse piece of equipment exists for those slots. As a result, there may be some people without their coif, and some few peasants without their hose. Ugh.

This mod also disable the visuals for the warhorse coif and helmet becaus I like to be bareheaded, but the funny crown did not get deleted from the helmet, so that is a funny sight. However, the arching bascinet has been made invisible too, because the devs were lazy and did not distinguish the id for it.

If people want it, I might make a version that does not make the head pieces invisible because it would make sense, but apart from that I do not intend to change the mod, which is just a sharing of something I jury rigged for myself.

Also, I deleted everything there was in the clothing.tbl file as I could not make the mod work without it. I have no idea what it does (although many tbl files are actually completely empty), so until further testing down the game use at your own risk ! That being said, it probably shouldn't corrupt anthing : if you run into a problem, simply uninstall the mod.

Installation :

Extract the zzz_Radzig_Armor.pak file into your Kingdom Come Deliverance\Data folder.

I also included a command file that you can use if you use 
spraguep Cheat mod, which gives you all the items I modifed. Put it in the Kingdom Come Deliverance folder and ingame use the console to type "exec radzigarmor.txt", without the " ".

Known bugs:

With Radzig outfits, a weird horse-rein appears on your view when riding, and users have reported texture bugs in cut scenes and unstable game.

Hanush outfit has the same bugs, but worse.

I am sorry about theses issues, but they outrange my skills as a modder as they likely come from the model files. Until some more talented modders can edit these, I am afraid I am unable to do anything about it. Use or do not use at your discretion.

Uninstall :

Simply delete the zzz_Radzig_Armor.pak file from your Kingdom Come Deliverance\Data folder.

Compatibility :

Should be compatible with anything that does not changes the clothing.xml file (and the clothing.tbl I guess).

How to :

Ok, what this mod does is it redirects the path the game goes looking for the model and material files. For that, in the clothing.xml, it changes the model="XXX" and material="XXX" for the warhorse waffenrock to model="racek_civil" and material="racek_civil". Then it simply deletes all the paths of the items I wish to make invisible, which gets like this :

model="" and material=""

In order to find the items you wish to modify, you have to find their item_id (I use the list spraguep uploaded on his cheat mod page), then find which clothing_id it corresponds in the armor.xml file. Then you use this cloing_id to find your item in the clothing.xml file, and change the models and materials to what you like.

Most armor models and materials files can be found in the vanilla cloth pak files. Racek is radzig, I guess some are self explanatory, some will ask for some reasearch, but you will get the hang of it if you try.

Also, I deleted everything there was in the clothing.tbl file as I could not make the mod work without it. I have no idea what it does, do at your own risk !

Permissions :

Use, mod, and upload however you like. Like I said, i did it for me and am only sharing because others might enjoy it. Which also means I will provide very minimal support. Sorry '^^

But it still would be nice to tell me in the posts section if you think I helped you do whatever you did with this mod !

Credits :

I would like to thank spraguep for his cheat mod and Xylozi for his items_id list, which made testing the mod and finding items_id incredibly more easy.

Thanks also to SirAldrich and Aliius for their help with correcting the gold belt bug, and finding which outfits to implement and how !