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First Real Guide to achieve the best Kingdom Come: Deliverance modding experience. (Kingdom Come: Deliverance Mod List)

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 {-The Most Complete and Endorsed for Kingdom Come: Deliverance-}

STEP 1: Core File Installation

Download my main file manually and drop both the Mods folder and the user.cfg file inside your Kingdom Come: Deliverance main folder.

For Steam Users: On Steam games library right-click over Kingdome Come: Deliverance, select Properties and then select Set Launch Options. Here type the command: +exec user.cfg  ,and select OK.

For Non-Steam Users: Make a Shortcut to the desktop of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance\Bin\Win64\KingdomCome.exe  , then right-click over the shortcut and select properties, then click on the shortcut tab. On the target section add the command: +exec user.cfg   like the following: "Kingdom Come: Deliverance\Bin\Win64\KingdomCome.exe" +exec user.cfg
Select apply and Ok, then always start the game from this modified shortcut. 

STEP 2: Mods Installation

Download all these mods manually and put the .pak files in each one of them inside the Kingdom Come Deliverance/Mods/BRB ModList/Data folder

HUD & User Interface

 - Better Vanilla HUD 

 - Clear Map 

 - Less Intrusive Map Icons - Download both main and optional files.

 - WaP - Download the Light Brown main file.

 - No Stamina Visual Effects - Download the Only Visual Effects main file.

 - No Vignettes

Graphic and Visuals

 - Henry's Face Customization - Download the Face Textures ELF and Hans to Stranger main files.

 - El's Custom Complexions - Download the Bianca, Lady Stephanie and Theresa main files.

 - HD Clock Retexture

 - HD Wood Logs - Download the 3.0 main file.

 - All The Pretty Horses - Download the Vanilla Stats main file


 - More Artwork Loadingscreens

 - Bushes Collision Remover

STEP 3: Reshade Installation

 Download ReShade

After downloading it, run the program ReShade_Setup.exe.
Press Select Game and navigate to your Kingdom Come Deliverance\Bin\Win64 folder and then select KingdomCome.exe. Now click on Direct3D 10+.In the appearing message box click Yes. Once it's finished downloading in the appearing window be sure only the following effects are selected: (AmbientLight.fx,HighPassSharpen.fx,Clarity.fx,Levels.fx,FilmicPass.fx)
Now Manually download and move my file BRB.ini into Kingdom Come Deliverance\Bin\Win64 folder.

Run Kingdome Come: Deliverance game and on main menu press Shift+F2 to enter ReShade's menu and go to the Home tab and in the first drop-down box select the BRB RESHADE.ini you downloaded previously. Reshade now will load again with the effects turned on.

Calibrate the gamma of the game from the main menu as you prefer.

If you happen to crash with this installed try to use the window mode instead of full screen, so borderless. Otherwise try to rename the dxgi.ini and dxgi.dll to d3d11.ini and d3d11.dll.

This Reshade fixes: Sky bloom and blend colours, Washed Foggy Screen, Lightining shader and blend colours, Grass fake feeling, Textures details. 

This is the most close to vanilla style and performance friendly.