Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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This mod drastically improves the balance of the vanilla game by building on the foundation that Warhorse has laid out.
Suitable for complete playthroughs!

Permissions and credits
This mod improves the game-balance while aiming for as little change to the core-mechanics as possible. It makes the general progression more gradual and eliminates factors that were responsible for overpowered end-game Characters. Furthermore it fixes some bugs and broken game-mechanics of the vanilla game. The overall focus is on making KCD more fun / engaging / challenging without undermining the general feeling that was intended by Warhorse-Studios.
Many of the changes made in the earlier versions of this Mod where implemented by the Developers themselves in the official patch 1.3. Just to give you an idea how successful "Immersive-Balance" is in achieving its goal.

This Mod is viable independent of your progress. Wether you start a new game or want to use an existing save-file, you will be able to take full advantage of this mod. 

Engaging and tactical combat

Overhauled balance of weapons and armor

Improved AI with fixes to group-fights, stealth and enemy-morale

Adjusted leveling to make PC-progress in different areas more gradual and balanced

Overhauled economy and Item-prices to make the acquisition of money more rewarding 

Reworked RPG-mechanics like Nourishment, Exhaustion, Repairs and Dirt

Optional changes to the Targeting-system


0. Delete the traces of old versions from the Data-folder and the user.cfg!
1. Download

2. Extract the contents of the .zip file into your "Mods" folder
      - It now should look like this:
      - If you cannot find the "Mods"-folder in the Root-directory, simply create it yourself

You don't need to make any adjustments in the user.cfg!
If you want the disabled Slow-Motion-Effect you'll have to install the Mod  
No Mo' Slow Mo separately. Because the new folder-structure doesn't recognize defined CVar-Groups.

You do not need to start a New Game to be able to use every feature.
If your game fails to load the modded files this can have mainly two reasons:
   1 - You use other Mods that change the same .xml files (see the full list below)
        => you have to delete the .pak file of the other mod

   2 - The game doesn't update it's library
        => Create a new game. Skip all the intros and finish the first dialog with Henry's mom.
           After that you can delete this save as you see fit and go back to playing your main savegame with the adjusted values.
Packaged files appear to be corrupted. Two reasons:
   1 - Compatability
        => Always use the latest WinRAR version for my .rar Files. I am doing the Same.
   2 - Download
        => If 1 doesn't help redownload the Files (preferably with LAN-cable) until it doesn't produce corrupted Files.

Complete Changelog:

37. Economy
      37.1 increased Repairprices
      37.2 reduced sellprices 
      37.3 more money for general goods stores
38. Increased Digestion- (from 2/h to 4/h) and Exhaustionsspeed (from 2/h to 3/h)
        together with the earlier changes to perks it makes food and sleep a bigger part of the endgame

39. disabled Autoreact on NPCs
        NPCs in a certain radius will no longer be automatically alerted about stealthkills / Knockouts
40. reduced input lag when performing consecutive Perfect-Blocks

27. Compatability with Patch 1.3.1
28. Changes to Enemy-Morale
      28.1 Morale is now more important than pc strength
      28.2 Higher base morale, lower min morale (leads to fleeing), slower decrease
        not yet adjusted properly; in the next update it will be lowered so that extremely weak enemies are still likely to give up

29. Adjusted Combat-XP to skills and stats
        to offset the changes, that lead to longer fights and therefore more XP overall

30. sturdier Gambesons
31. Repairs
      31.1 Higher capacity for Repairkits
      31.2 Higher Default- and Max-Limit of repairable Item-health
      31.3 Higher Repair-price at merchants
      31.4 Lower Repair-XP
        to offset higher repair-need due to longer and more demanding fights

32. adjusted weapon-values for new Perk-balance through patch 1.3
      32.1 including nerf for all pole-arms
33. optional: alternative Lock-on-system (highly recommended)

        credit goes to user 'Tahknall' for his Mod "More Responsive Targeting"
        Use the optional user.cfg or edit your own if already present (more on that in install-instructions)

34. reintroduced but lowered Weaponskillscaling!! 
35. tweaked Prices for many "common" Items
36. reduced prevalance of Perfect-Blocks on high-lvl-enemies

21. Adjusted values for all weapons to make every play-style equally viable
      21.1 Significant Buff for agility-based weapons (pretty much back to vanilla-values)
22. Balanced Dmg-parameters for all Bows and Arrows against max-armor.
       (I highly recommend to disable the Reticle on screen; otherwise Bows will remain OP due to constant headshots ;))

23. Adjustments to older changes:
      23.1 Aim-Spread 
      23.2 Dirtying
      23.3 Movementspeed
      23.4 Visibility (was changed after some false comments, now back to a better value)
      23.5 Slightly bigger SPB-Window for player
      23.6 increased Aggressivity in huge groups (>8 enemies)
24. reworked Buffs / perks
      24.1 Cuman killer
      24.2 Chain strike
      24.3 Padding
      24.4 Blood Rush
      24.5 Stronghold
      24.6 Berzerk
      24.7 Ascetic
      24.8 Insomniac
      24.9 Contemplative
25. lowered Field of View of NPCs to more realistic values


19. Bigger nerf for piercing weapons (stinger most of all)
20. adjustments to the dirtying mechanic


15. Longswords no longer massively OP
      15.1 bigger dmg penalty for one handed use
      15.2 10% dmg decrease for all Longswords
      15.2 increased reach of Longswords
16. "Heavy Swing" Buff no longe18r OP; "Fast Striker" Buff influence decreased
17. Reduced price and increased weight of meat
18. Balanced Dmg-parameters for all melee-weapons except Polearms
              (balanced against a fully armored enemy the overall difference between expensive and cheap weapons is now smaller, 
               while keeping the the intended distinction of the weapons in order. That gives common enemies a bigger advantage while penalising the PC)


11. increased influence of item-status to price 
              (not as much as I hoped due to system-limitation)

12. decreased influence of Armor- and Weapon-status to defense / attack
              (giving common enemies a slight boost)
13. decreased Specialperfectblock-Window for player
14. decreased prevalence of Perfectblock and Specialperfectblock on enemies


1. Weaponskill-scaling disabled
2. More aggressive enemy-groups
3. Increased influence of armorload to movementspeed and staminaregen
4. Item changes:
      4.1 balanced Armor-weight according to price and defence-rating
      4.2 'Leather / Hunter's gloves' no longer heavy armor
      4.3 'Queen of Sheba's sword' no longer useless and properly adjusted
5. Shops:
      5.1 very slightly reduced selling-prices
              (shops no longer pay willingly more than the item is worth)
      5.2 further reduced selling-prices at fences 
6. slightly reduced Herb-gather XP and Herb-gather Radius
7. reduced Aim-Spread
8. no longer Blind NPCs
9. Stay Clean for a more realistic time
10. Higher SkillXP through reading, making it possible to achieve max level

Included user.cfg changes:
- "More Responsive Targeting" by 'Tahknall'

Huge credit!

Incompatable with mods that change:
- rpg.param.xml 
- buff.xml 
- rpg_movement_type.xml
- ammo.xml
- melee_weapon.xml
- weapon.xml
- weapon_class.xml
- missile_weapon.xml
- pickable_item.xml
- shop.xml
- shop_type2item.xml

You can use this mod as you please. Just give me credit.