Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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This will fix the invisible forearms when wearing sleeveless clothes

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I don't know why, but in one of the patches, devs added the "alphaTest= 1" parameter to the main character's body material, which made the forearms invisible when wearing sleeveless clothes. 

In learning the problem, I realized that I was mistaken. "alphaTest" in mtl had normal values, for reference "alphaTest=0" texture has no transparency, "alphaTest=1" texture is not visible, "alphaTest=0.5" normal transparency. Initially, the texture has parts of forearms, but they are almost 99% transparent, because alphaTest enabled in the mtl file, they seem invisible. And I turned off  "alphaTest" in file and thought that I had fixed the bug, but created new ones because in addition to forearms, unnecessary parts of legs appeared, which can be seen through clothes. So.. the useful tip for texture modding in KCD if you want to remove some elements, for example, from clothes, you can simply enter "alphaTest=0.5" and remove part of texture in diffuse map that is prefixed with "diff". I hope this helps

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Version 3.0
Deleted useless mtl file

Version 2.0
"alphaTest" is enabled now, but the extra body parts have been manually removed from the texture, now you will not see the leg parts through Henry's pants


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