Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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A reshade config, which tries to make the game look more vibrant without going over the top.

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Since there are not that many Reshade configs out yet (and none of the ones out fits my taste), I decided to create my own.
The difference to the vanilla look is very subtle, you can see it best after installing the preset and toggling the effects using the "Home"-key (it looks like lifting the fog).
After finishing, I thought I should take a minute to upload it here to hopefully make someone happy ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section. Have fun :)



If you use v1.3, you will experience a little performance hit due to the activated MXAO-effect.
You can deactivate it by using the "End"-key, this wont change the appearance of the preset, just remove the shadowing-effect of MXAO and thus give you a slight performance increase.

Dark nights
For those who dont want the nights to be realistically dark: you guys should use v1.1 of the preset.
In v1.2 and onwards I darkened the nights a little bit, so it would fit what I know from the real world (at least nights are that dark where I live^^).

Important Controls

Effects (all effects simultaneously except MXAO) can be toggled using the "Scroll Lock"-key.
MXAO can be toggled separately using the "End"-key.


1. Dowload the reshade framework from .
2. Double-click the file you just downloaded.
3. Click "Select game" and select your KCD exe-file.
4. Choose "Direct3D 10+".
5. When prompted if you wish to download the shaders, click "Yes".
6. When the download is done, you can close the program.
7. Unpack my zip-file and move the ini-file to the directory where your KCD executable is.
8. Start the game, press Shift+F2, follow the tutorial and instead of creating a new file,
pick the ini you just put in your KCD-directory.


Remove the following from the KCD directory (where the KCD executable is): "reshade"-folder, dxgi.dll, dxgi.ini, dxgi.log (only exists if you have loaded the framework at least once), Hint-Reshade_preset.ini.


Added MXAO and a key to separately toggle the effect (the "End"-Key).


Tweaked the colors to look more realistic (which obviously is a subjective feeling ;) ).
Added key-bindings so you can actually toggle all the effects with the "Scroll Lock"-key (if you are not "experienced" enough to know how to do it any other way).

Tweaked the tone a bit (which only makes a slight difference during the day, but lets you see much better at night).