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A simple cl command to stop the dot from disappearing when using a bow.

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A HUGE thank you to PC Gamer for featuring my mod in their article (and this one), and an even BIGGER thank you to all the commenters getting all hurt about how it "ruins the game", I was able to have a good laugh out of it, though I'm not sure who put the gun to your head and forced you to install it, but I'm really sorry that happened to you and I'm even more sorry that you feel the need to dictate how players should be required to play their games to enjoy them.
And the biggest thank you to the people who downloaded, endorsed and most of all enjoyed this simple but effective mod, really glad there is actually a massive community of pleasant gamers out there who just want to have fun :)


A simple console command in a .cfg file that gives you a dot for aiming with instead of it disappearing when you draw your bow.

Place the user.cfg file into your "Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance" directory.
(Alternatively, Right-click the game in your steam library > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files)

If you already have a user.cfg already (for disabling vsync for example) then add this line to the file:

The file is marked as 'read only' but this was only a precaution, the box can be un-ticked and you can modify it.

A couple of users are finding 'blocky' text after using the .cfg file, if this is the case then open it with notepad and change the =1 to =2 and see if that fixes it.
At this stage I advise to use at your own risk as I can not say for sure whether they were bugs unique to their own games ect.


Some users are finding the mod sticks after removal of the file, this is NOT the case, the yellow dot was ALWAYS there to begin with only is disappears when you draw the bow, this mod has just drawn your attention to it. :)
I even looked up gameplay videos from pre-release of this mod to make sure.

This mod will help for those who don't like the dot being there all the time:
Unintrusive Reticle
Very Unintrusive Reticle
I also like:
er Arrows

This mod will NOT work with any mod that removes the dot reticle from the game itself, but I agree, it should only be there for aiming with the bow.