Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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This mod frees the camera during horse mounting and alchemy, making it possible to move it freely without centering.

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I created this mod out of necessity; when I was doing alchemy in the game, I got so frustrated that after the camera unlocked, it got floaty and I kept missclicking ingredients.

Same can be said about horse mounting, you're trying to get away from a hoard of enemies and the camera won't stop shaking until the horse is 100 meters deep into a tree.

So basically this is one of those anti-nausea mods.

It also removes Motion Blur and Anti-Aliasing. If you want either of them back, just open the autoexec.cfg file and delete the lines:

r_MotionBlur = 0
r_AntiAliasingMode = 0

To Install it, just drop the contents on your "X:\...\Kingdom Come Deliverance\" folder.

To uninstall it, delete the folder "Mount And Alchemy Free Camera" from your Mods folder and "autoexec.cfg" from
the ...\Kingdom Come Deliverance\ folder.