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The aim of this mod is to make archery a little easier and more comfortable so that hunting is less annoying for beginners of the game. You can choose between 3 versions. Each version differs a little bit in terms of aiming and flight behavior of the arrows. English and German localization included

Permissions and credits

The Story behind
When I used a bow in the game for the first time, I was extremely frustrated. Especially at the beginning, when bow and hunting are not yet skilled, it is difficult to hit the target. Since many other players seemed to have similar problems (I watched a lot of Twitch streamers), I got the idea for this mod. After the idea was born, I read many archery reviews and a lot of the comments on the available mods to find the right balance. The problem with this is that any changes you make to the bow mechanics and arrows will also have an impact to the AI of the NPCs. The result of this is that archery competitions become more difficult and when Henry is travelling along the roads and get attacked even the first hit can be very painful and bloody.

The mod consists of two parts, the main part that makes all changes to the bow and the three variants for range and flight behavior of the arrows

Main Files
You must choose one of the four variants because you can't install them at the same time

  • Simplified Archery - Only changes the bow mechanics.
  • Simplified Archery | More Rabbits - Changes bow mechanics and spawns more rabbits (doubled)
  • Simplified Archery | No trails - Changes bow mechanics and removes arrow trails
  • Simplified Archery | Complete - Includes all above listed changes

Optional Files
You must choose one of the three variants because you can't install them at the same time

  • Simplified Archery | Faster Arrows - Higher range and faster arrows
  • Simplified Archery | Near perfect Arrows - Maybe the most realistic version for the flight behavior of arrows
  • Simplified Archery | Ultimate Realism Overhaul - Another attempt for a realistic arrow flight behavior


  • Enable/Disable Bow Dot Reticle with the push of a button (3)
  • Reduced aiming spread
  • Less stamina consumption when aiming
  • Lower zoom base skill but higher zoom
  • Improved bow power charge duration
  • Increased painless delay
  • Three different arrow presets (control of flight behavior in terms of range and speed)

How to Install
  • I recommend using VMM (Vortex Mod Manager) for installation as all my mods are optimized for this purpose.
  • If you still prefer to do a manual installation download the file from the File page.
  • Save the file to your desktop or your preferred location for downloaded files.
  • Double click the downloaded zip archive and pull the folder (or simply extract it) into your KingdomComeDeliverance/Mods folder.
  • The installation path of your game can vary depending on which platform (GOG, Steam, Epic) you bought it and your preferred install location for games.


Important Information
All my mods are compatible to each other because of using patched table files. But you shouldn't use them in combination with outdated!

Patched Tables

  • Data/Libs/Tables/rpg/rpg_param.xml

Inspired by

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Closing Words
I am neither part of any Modding team, nor do I want to work with people who are of the opinion that the wellbeing of everyone outweighs personal interests in any case. It is entirely up to me which Modder's I want to support and which not. I am in no way obliged to share my knowledge or work. You should bear in mind that only decisions we have made ourselves and voluntarily will be able to positively influence our own behavior. You don't have to like my attitude, but you will have to accept it. If that doesn't suit you and you think you need to start another pointless harassment against me, remember that this community is not just about Modder's, but more about people enjoying the content we generate.

digdugCroaker999DKDArtagnancnotkaFaawks1PcFreaky99skully172 & Knoxogoshi
Warhorse Studios for making a great game!

Special Thanks
Hogal for Graphics Design and Support.