Kingdom Come: Deliverance

About this mod

High detailed and one of the most beautiful armor for Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

4K textures
hand painted patterns
scratches textures

Permissions and credits
Noble Knight from Kingdom Come Deliverance, I’m giving you one of the most beautiful armor which includes:

  • 4K textures 
  • hand painted patterns
  • scratches textures

This is a standalone armor that can be found in the Blacksmith and Armorer shop in Rattay. Note! You have to wait a few days (3-7) in the game
world before the armor appears in stores.

Manual and other info you find in download tab.

Creating graphic modifications for games is currently my passion in my spare time. If you consider donating me, I will have an incentive to make more mods. If there were enough people to support my work, then I could create mods all the time.

4K textures

Currently, 2K textures are available on the Nexus as a free option. 4K textures are not free. If you want to know more about 4K textures please send me a message.

Update 1.03

Neck issue fix. I improved the code thanks to drewhaug's user suggestions. Drewhaug, thank you for your support. I don't know if the changes fixed the problem, so please check and comment.

Thank you for choosing my mod.
I wish you a lot of fun.