Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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SIM Camping Mini Multilingual - Ru+En+Fr+De, corrections and ideas are accepted.

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SIM Camping Mini ML - an alternative development of the SimsCampingMod_MiniCamp 1.5,
mod allowing you to camp out of town.
In fact, this allows you to relax anywhere on the map, cook food, read, and also meet the dawn, enjoying the scenery and calmly search for treasures, of which there are many.

Differences from the original:

• Translations:    
• Added the ability to improve the comfort of the bed in the presence of fabrics in the inventory, which improves the comfort of the bed: bedding - 50%, wool - 70%, Flemish - 100%.
• Added the ability to set a stump for reading if there is an ax lumberjack in the inventory.
• Added action to clean the camp, return the fabric to inventory and remove the bed and bonfire.

• The presence of an ax lumberjack + two Flemish fabrics, will give an awning.
• Removed error - "Cannot initiate sleeping".
• The likelihood of a situation is reduced - "Area unsuitable for camping everywhere".
• The bed is replaced by - "sleep and save".

• French localization added.
• Added visualization of recoil and receiving tissues.

Camp options.
• Minimum: Bonfire, book, bed 10% comfort.
• Flaxing fabric in inventory: bed 20% comfort.
• Woolen fabric in inventory: bed 30% comfort.
• Flemish fabric in inventory: bed 35% comfort.
• Ax lumberjack in the inventory and health and energy more 50%: + a stump for reading.
• Lumberjack ax and two Flemish takanis in inventory and health and energy more 50%: + Awning, stump for reading, bed 45% comfort.

• Added the ability to get milk from cows.

• Added the ability to cook everything at once on your own fire (added only Boletus edulis, Lepiota and apples.).
• Removed the ban on - this place is not suitable for the camp.

• German localization added

• To set the stump, other axs (tools) were added.
• Fabrics can now be bought in Skalice and other tailors.

• Complicated camp removal procedure.

• Added the ability to make chamomile tea on your own fire.
Ingredients; water, chamomile.

1. A separate book for setting / removing the camp.
2. Book for brewing tea.
3. Book for obtaining milk.
4. A book for cooking apples and mushrooms.
5. Now you can cook not only on your own fire, but also by the hearths with a kettle, in houses and villages.
6. Tea preparation is divided, you can prepare 5 portions at a time to save ingredients.
7. Deleting the camp occurs without additional actions, through the book in the inventory.
8. Added a description of camp options on the countryside effects tab.

1. Additional books are no longer quest books and can be moved.

Move the SIM_Camping folder to the Mods folder (Kingdom Come Deliverance \ Mods).
If the Mods folder is missing, create it yourself.

Mod author: SimranZenov , ChaZzyChaZz
Modifications and translation: VVL99
French translation: TikiDu33
German translation: Hoelzerlips