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Hunting swords, sabres and shortswords utilize a new Shortsword skill. The Sword skill is renamed Longsword.

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Shortsword Skill is a quick and simple mod to separate shortswords from longswords in KCD. Shortswords are agility-based weapons while longswords are strength-based weapons so it seemed appropriate to distinguish them. The perk combos for shortswords were moved to the Shortsword skill while the Sword skill has been renamed Longsword.

My limited testing of this mod resulted in proper XP gain, skill leveling from each sword type and increased weapon damage with skill leveling, so it seems in working order. It is my understanding my edits merely redirect shortswords to give XP to the new skill which in turn provide benefits to the assigned weapons. Nonetheless, this Shortsword skill replaces an unused Dagger skill so I cannot predict any unforeseen gameplay issues using that skill slot, nor removing shortswords from the Sword skill. Please inform me of any issues that arise.

This mod originally began with the ambitious goal of making daggers equipable and splitting hunting swords, sabres and shortswords into their own skills; however, the limitations of KCD proved too much to overcome. After tweaking a few lines of code to be similar to a sword, daggers still refused to equip. There are dozens upon dozens of "dagger" references in the game files so it may take editing each and every one, or this could very well be hard-coded in the DLL/EXE. While I could add new skill names that showed up in-game under Skills, I could not determine how to apply an icon, how to set the perimeters for XP and leveling nor move the skill under Combat. So ultimately I settled on replacing the unused Dagger skill with this Shortsword skill. There are also unused Crossbow and Weaponsmithing skills under Combat, so I could theoretically use one for hunting swords and one for sabres, but I could not find a way to apply an icon to the skills, plus the perk combos apply to all three weapon types and use "soul_ability" perimeters that seem hidden so I cannot even duplicate them. If anyone has any knowledge about this stuff I would really appreciate it.

Files edited with patched tables to avoid mod conflicts:
  • Data\Libs\Tables\item\weapon_class.xml
  • Data\Libs\Tables\rpg\perk.xml
  • Data\Libs\Tables\rpg\skill.xml
  • Localization/English_xml/text_ui_soul.xml

Unzip files into your KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods folder and play.

While this mod will load into a saved game, the Shortsword skill will not reflect any XP gained from using shortswords prior to installation, so a new game is necessary. However, if you haven't leveled your Sword skill in your saved game than there would be no issue adding this mod into your game. Keep in mind, removing this mod after leveling the Shortsword skill would forfeit that XP gained since the skill would cease to exist.