Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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In fashion, the balance of the development and abilities of the character is changed, as well as the combat system and the properties of some items.

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The mod was created for the game version 1.9.5 (1.9.6).
The Hard Level mod is suitable for those who have already completed the game at a difficult level and are going to go through it again.
In fashion, the balance of the development and abilities of the character is changed, as well as the combat system and the properties of some items.
The mod essentially eliminates in my opinion the most obvious shortcomings of the standard complex mode.

The mod should make the character weaker, which will change the player’s behavior, and the development of abilities will not be so rapid, while the battles will become dynamic and long. In battle, it will become more difficult to complete the ideal block and it will be much more difficult to parry, while the enemy will be in the same conditions and will be forced to use the usual block, evasions and regular attacks more often. Wounds and injuries will be healed much longer both in a dream and in the wakefulness mode.

For a complete immersion, you must start the game again, while all changes will work in the already started game, if the character is not yet very developed.

Changes made by the mod:
1.   Reduced the maximum allowable level of skills (strength, dexterity, vitality) to 15.
2.   Slowed growth in survivability by three times.
3.   Slowed down the remaining skills in half.
4.   Significantly slow recovery in a dream.
5.   Self-healing of wakefulness injuries slowed down.
6.   Reduced the healing properties of potions and food.
7.   The weight of the armor sets and the blacksmith has been increased.
8.   Reduced the default limit for the repair of severely damaged items.
9.   Reduced time for a perfect block.
10. Reduced time to parry.
11. Reduced the frequency of using parry by the enemy.
12. Reduced the frequency of enemy use of the ideal block.
13. Increased base NPC armor level.
14. Increased the required level of agility for a normal attack.
15. Reduced the dependence of the development of attack speed on the development of agility.
16. Increased the visibility distance of the NPC.
17. Removed trail from arrows.
18. Increased NPC reaction in clinch.
19. Removed training for money.
20. Removed; watch, compass, sight.
21. Have risen in price; horses, private bed.
22. Added weight to coins.
23. Increased price range for horses.
24. Changed prices for the purchase, sale and repair.
25. Increased the basic characteristics of the NPC.
26. Increased protection from "stabbing" some items of protection.
27. Slightly reduced the piercing damage of swords.
28. Reduced the effect of looting.
29. Added new events.
30. Slow down effect of healing potions.

The mod is not compatible with mods using the following files:

Thank; Nic0h, AFD and EkErilaz (652, 430)

Until 1405g. the weight of the Prague penny was 2.9 grams.
1000 coins = 6.4 pounds.