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This mod contains all the Gear related mods I have redone so far (Barding (new items), Black knight armor, Black Noble Saddle and Bridle, CR-AP, Holy Sepulchre Gear, Ludovingian Gear, Lys Gear, Midnight Armor, Miller Guild Items and Wuerttemberg Gear). All merged into one big package (114 Items)

Permissions and credits
My Motivation for modding:
I absolutely love Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I felt pretty bad when I realized that most of the MODs here on NexusMods are outdated and some of them maybe not safe to use anymore. As I really appreciate the hard work Modders put into their creations I decided that I have to return something. I'm not a really good coder so updating some of the mods is the right way to do so for me.

What you get:
All of my pervious released gear related mods in one big package. A total of 114 items are added to the game. Some would it call a DLC sized package. Following mods are included:

If you plan to install this mod, you should first uninstall the above listed mods to avoid issues.

Where to get:
Most of the items can be bought. See the listing below:

  • Chain (mail), Leather, Plate and Shields: Armorer (Sasau/Rattay)
  • Weapons: Weaponsmith (Sasu/Rattay)
  • Fabric: Tailor
  • Bridle/Caparison/Saddle: Merhojed/Neuhof/Uzhitz/Pribyslavatiz
  • Black Knight Armor: same as standalone version (item.txt, sword.txt and Cheat)
  • CR-AP Armors: Miller Peshek
  • Miller Guild Items: Quest rewards and buy able from the 3 Millers Peshek, Woyzek and Simon

You have to wait the default restock time before the items are available in the specific stores. The restock time can vary from 1-7 in game days. I will not provide any spawn/cheat codes for the items (with exception of the listed one) and don't tolerate that they are posted.

How to install:

  • I recommend using the Vortex Mod Manager as all my files are optimized for this purpose.
  • If you prefer under any circumstance to install manually download the file from the "file" page.
  • Double click the zip archive and pull the folder (or simply extract it) into your KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods folder.
  • The path to this folder may varies from version to version (GOG, Steam, Epic) and your preferred install location for games.


Important Information
All of my mods are compatible to each other because of using patched table files. No more overwriting of values. But only if you don't mix 'em up with outdated mods.

Patched Tables:


Original Mods:

To all the creators of the original mods
Warhorse Studios for making a great game!

Special Thanks goes to:
Hogal for Graphic Design and Support.