Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Gold and Black Holy Roman Empire-themed reskin of the Dark Combat Jupon. More to follow.

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[UPDATED 04/30/2020: The issue with the faded yellowish look should be fixed going forward. If anyone still finds the colour is off please let me know ASAP.] 

Howdy folks! Here's a first look at a little something I'm working on. What you see here is a simple reskin for the Dark Combat Jupon in black and gold, with a checker pattern on the shoulders and an HRE ecusson (i'm forgetting the english word for it lel) on the right side breast. 

I'm very new to modding, but I've been nolifing KCD for two weeks now and I had to get into it. 

Installation is same as with any other mod. Put the M2Project folder into your Mods folder and add to your mod_order.txt. 

Let me know what you all think, and if anyone wants to lend a helping hand with understanding how the texture system works please reach out to me! :) 

Here's a few mods I recommend using with this: 
Lion Caparaison by De12u6k1
Custom Main Menu and Dialog Color by GrimsyXD [I recommend the yellow background and text highlight]


Gradually adding and changing assets to evoke the grim atmosphere of the 2006 classic Medieval 2: Total War, a little project I've dubbed the Medieval 2 Project. Here's a little sneak peak at what I've been working on. After a lot of struggling with the game's bizarre texture system(WHY ARE ALL THE SPEC MAPS GREEN?!?!?), I've successfully made some adjustments to the texture for the Dark Combat Jupon which I've decided to release in order to gauge what everyone thinks about my ideas.

What I have in mind:

-Retexture all the Jupons and Waffenrocks in the game, adding more patterns and heraldic symbols. Colour schemes won't be too overhauled, and different factions will still have the same distinctions. Talmberg will remain red and white, skalitz yellow and black, etc. 
-Replace most of the combat music with samples from the Medieval 2 soundtrack, with a wide margin for error and bugginess because of how utterly complicated the soundtrack engine in this game is. Other theme-appropriate combat and battle music will also be included. Namely, the Dark Souls 3 soundtrack.
[Shortish-but-longish term]
-Adjust armour textures to make them a tiny bit more ornate and snazzy-looking.
-Play around with atmospheric effects like clouds, rain, lighting etc. to darken the overall mood.
-Do a reshade preset because everyone loves reshade presets.
-Try in vain to understand the coding for the music system. Develop the intense desire to consume my own flesh. 
-Figure out how to add new objects ingame. Add the One Ring with new armour sets.
-Figure out how to add new object models ingame. Replace the ancient dig-up-able warhorse armour with a more powerful and fearsome set of Teutonic Knight armour. 

[LOOOOONG and probably not going to happen term] 
-New weapons [BIG PRIORITY: Cavalry Lance, and big club for big bonk with str builds. Dex sux.]
-Larger battles
-Harder impacts from charging
-Skirmishes between friendly guards and other groups more likely.
-attain perfect music symbiosis. offer my flesh to the gods. uncover their auditory secrets. let the rotten miasma of my soul and humors feed their hunger. they are everything. they will consume.