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Craft files for setting up and utilizing an interplanetary travel network.

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The result of my first playthrough. These craft files will allow one to easily explore a large chunk of the solar system.

You'll probably need to be running at least version 1.7.1, and there's a chance I used some Making History parts as well.

To make the most use of these, you'll need to be able to rendezvous and dock, and land on lower gravity bodies with little to no atmosphere with relative ease. You'll also need alot of funds and tech. These are not early game ships.

ITS is a modular interplanetary transport system built around 2 main modules: the ITS-IE which extends the range of smaller ships, and the Refuel Drones which provide the fuel needed to keep the ITS-IEs and other craft going as they hop from planetary system to planetary system.

The concept is basically to put up an ITS-IE, launch a refueler and dock it to the IT-IE, hop to the next orbit out, refuel the ITS-IE and send it home and refuel it again for the next flight. Putting at least one refueler in a planetary system lets you hop to or through it, extending your reach. Both pieces are very expensive, can be thought of as long term investments. Provided they don't crash or get stranded, they'll last indefinitely. A good comm network is recommended because they are probe controlled until you dock a crewed module with them.

Note: pics do not include launch vehicles for ease of viewing the actual modules, but they are included in the craft files.