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  • Working hard on new update but might take a lot of time

    so i basically have few ideas to expand the mod and i m not getting burned out anytime soon  
    currently i m working on idle movement and standing movement  
    expected frames for each of animation will be above 100, can't say exact numbers because i have no idea myself  
    Major problem is movement design and how it will goes with the engine  
    Kenshi twist necks hardly so anything involving neck might delay or damage my great plans drastically  
    Skeleton for male and female are different, not like totally different, but size of bones and angles will need to be edited  

    If people follow Nexus mods, you might noticed i was working on other projects:  
    it was caused by being out of creative solutions for new animations

  • Working hard on my mod. no worries. just its extremely time-eating

    Hello, i just wanted to add note that i m basically got to the bottom of placement system in kenshi  
    i created 2 experimental collision models that should in practice allow to stack building with nodes and build not just storages but everything nicely  
    i m working hard, box after box to created very special custom nodes to every box  
    6 for big, 4 for medium 1-4 for small  

    just to not leave you with nothing here couple of screenshots:  

    Thanks for trying my mod and please be patient, its not easy task to do for most cases it require a lot of testing ...

  • Okranite Expansion

    -2 new locations (new flotsam city and flotsam military outpost)
    -4 new food items (Grog covered rice bowl,Ricewraps,Cooked foul meat,cooked meat)
    -7 new armours (holy and unholy) and changes the default holy/unholy armour.
    Makes Okranites and Flotsamites harder to fight and more profitable to ally with.
    You can buy armor and recipes for it in various armor stores of the Holy Nation, Ronin, Shek,flotsam ninjas,TechHunters, Swampers and in Mongrel.

  • Kenshi Lands - UI Detect Test Footage (RESHADE UI FIX)

    Check out the footage here, on reddit.

    This is a test footage showing UI Detect working in my Kenshi Lands Reshade preset. As you can see, when you interact with UI menus, such as inventory, trade, stats (not shown), options menu, reshade effects are toggled off, then back on when UI menu is closed. If you do not know, in many reshade presets any UI elements that are not static, such as the bottom portion, will have reshade effects processed on them. This usually results in unreadable or unpleasant UI elements. The next step in this process is to toggle effects only in the menu area. I will be working on that over the next few days. This means that the effects Reshade will render for the rest of the screen, similar to how the static UI mask works (bottom of screen).

  • Failed road Hub to Floatsam village off-screen

    Somebody said to me that he wish for character to go from hub to floatsam village without problems  
    i had to get details because answers was rl just fraction of information, but i collected whole picture
    Basically he want character to go from The Hub to Floatsam village while he will be focused on totally different people  
    he was ending stuck aimless on the road with my mod and with vanilla, which is understandable once you see the map  
    with my mod whenever character wonder how to go to destination 
    AI looks for closest red road and see if it direction made you closer to target and do couple of calculations with terrain 
    i decided to see how the road goes and where character ends

  • Off-screen pathfinding mit destroyed

    As much as it might be hard to admit, version 1.0 of my fix was charming to say the least off-screen, that version 1.1 and forward according to my tests
    pass the tests with flying colors (worked when vanilla also worked mostly more efficient)
    because twitch and my barely functioning connection at the time of 1st grand test decided to sabotage me, i m unable to present perfect evidences from it 
    however recently i decided to perform small test mostly for myself to make sure that direction i m going with my mod on version 1.3 is right 
    Whole road started near reprogramming workshop (i had to take Lord inaba into swimming lessons):
    however to be absolutely sure my test is 100% off-screen i reloaded the autosave in heft in fron...

  • Sup

    First upload, this is a bit wild, my apologies if this isn't done correctly.
    I hope you enjoy....

  • Enter Article here

    I'm new to this, and lazy. Please say hello....

  • UPDATED - Fennec Fox Mod v1.1

    Main Additional Content

    -Artemis can now be recruited once task is completed.

    -Shadow Steel Thieves Guild has been added to the tower at the back of the town of Salvage near the ruins.

    -Salvage Police Station and Police NPCs added to lower crime rates.

    -Salvage Marketplace in the miiddle of town, with shop owner and 2 guards.

    -Town residents and squatters!

    Other Additional Content

    -Added muscle and skinny definition.

    -Added extra faces / heads / face patterns eye colour and hair fixes.

    -NPCs spawn with more different hair colors.

    -additional dialogue for Salvage Yard bar patrons.


  • Fennec Race Mod v1

    Fennec Race Mod v1


    This mod adds a playable Fennec fox race, aswell as a populated town Salvage with 2 unique recruit NPCs and other recruitable members. This also includes 2 gamestarts that allow for the player to start in Salvage.


    -Playable and customisable fennec race: modify facial features such as
    -2 unique recruits: Fidget III and Ren (can be found in Salvage Yard bar)
    -Salvage: The Salvage Yard Bar, Salvage Crew HQ Travel Shop, Smithy, Mechanical and Robotics Shop, Trade Shop, Fish and Drug Shop.
    -2 gamestarts: Lone Salvager + Last Salvage-tion


    -Shirts have been excluded for fennec, UV texture did not align.
    -Some hats work and some don't.


  • Hiver Bar

    This is a mod that adds bar. 2 unique recruits, hive mercenary faction and some other stuff. ...

  • Racial emphasis mod

    Makes changes to the races so they are a more noticable and defining trait in gameplay so that they matter more 

  • Pak The Ex-Skeleton Legion-Member Recruit

    You can find Pak in the Hub in a old Long House.
    He used to fight in the Legion, untill he was convinced to show the world that Skeletons arent actually that bad....

  • Exiled Skeleton Legion-Member

    You are a part of the Skeleton Legion, you are a part of them for many years, but however, as you're on your patrol, one of the members notices a human figure in the distance, so you all rush him, and attack him. He gets captured by the Legion, and he is dragged over to a ruined dome. They put him in a cage, and they order a few of the members to bring food to him while he is in the cage, so as weeks go by, it is your turn to go and deliver him food. As you do that, you hear him mumbling, you ask him if he is talking about you, he responds frightened that he isn't talking about you, so you ask him to prove it. He started talking about how he was paid and sent by some rich person to go and explore the Ashlands and write everything down, so you talk with him a bit more as he's eating, after ...

  • Questions Or Concerns

    Any feedback is okay....

  • Link to original

    Original here:

  • Kenshi SPOLSZCZENIE comes to Nexus

    After more than a year of development I finally had time to finish at least a quarter of my job and make the mod working enough to put it on NexusMods and several other modding websites.

    The actual version of translation (by writing this article) is a dev version 0.1.0-dev called "PR1M3 P1R473" and it translates the User Interface and a little bit of dialogues. 

    Feel free to download it, test it and give me any feedback so I can work on that before I make the 1.0 version and leave it until Kenshi 2 comes out.

    Best regards to my fellow Polish people and all the world