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Hello, I'm Ruhadre.

I've been a member of the nexus since 2009.  I've been releasing minor mods since Oblivion.

I'm a huge believer in forever-free, especially since my mods tend to be extensions of other's work.

I love TES lore, and would love to develop my modding skills to where I can expand upon it in a mod.

You will find that I can/will release a variety of mods, indicating that as a modder, I have no real specialization.

I can edit meshes, textures, and esp's using a variety of tools.

I will use that to my advantage as I continue with my modding hobby.

Please check out my mods if you haven't already!

Endorse if you like them, and tell your friends!


Lately, I've been wanting to do more collaboration mods with other mod authors.

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