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Goal of the mod is to add flavor and polish to weapons we all know with models optimized to the limits, fixes for icons, tweaks and restored cut textures to make all the weapons looks great and load fast
Mod is safe to install in middle of the save (mod will works fine without import, just do it when you sort load order!)

Permissions and credits
i work on it since 19.02.2021
General information:
Mod Affect all the melee weapons (even modded ones to some degree) - chad metal textures with efficient loading
(instead of loading relocated new texture, mod load layer of metal from the game files on top of all weapons - higher quality weapons have full cover, lower quality are partially covered or still in the rust)
Majority of the screenshots ware made with meitou weapons, however mod was designed with Catun and MK in mind too
Characters Actually hold weapons more or less in their hands - races/subraces and gender variants so not perfect yet!
Mod works standalone, but can be mixed with other mods (optimized models ware done bcs i knew people use many mods)
- Believe it or not, but this weapons all together will load faster than anything you will ever install xD (as 3D kenshi asset)
Proper load order for this mod would be near top of your load order (after ui, world and texture mods)
Detailed informations:
  • Restored Metallic layer for all weapon textures from the game files for additional immersion of the weapons
  • Improved icon coordinates for every single weapon in the game - makes them more centered and sometimes bigger
  • 5 brand new weapon remodels made and optimized
  • Changes for 2 unique bosses to have meitou version of Iron Axe (iron club. but different looking than iron stick this time) and Warrior Blade (non-exile Plank, but cool) Gutterhead and Ghost
  • Changes for Plank research that allow you to Craft Warrior Blade and Exile Blade if you unlock it
  • Installation and Deinstallation of the mod is safe in middle of the run and remodeled weapons will return to their original forms (icons might require deletion to generate them again)
  • Change name from Naginata-katana to Nagamaki as it is proper name for that weapon (no stat changes)
  • Changes in starting weapon for Ruka, Band of Bones, Mercenaries and skeleton shops to include exile blade
  • Shek Warriors and Kral Chosen see Exile Blade as mark of shame and they do not sell or use it
  • Hornless Shek likes them as it looks fitting for their current state and they growth connection to their weapon
  • Exile Blade is actually prefered outside of shek kingdom for more practical shape that support walking with it
  • New models are mostly cosmetic and does not provide any special benefits (axe is sharper than club bcs duh)
  • all 5 models loads together has less than 2000 polygons (vanilla ringed sabre has 900+ for a comparition)
  • Mod don't aim for balance changes, i had to give axe bonus cut because its AXE, however it is still blunt weapon...

Compatibility and usage with heavy modlist:
  • Mod is fully compatible with every mod i will ever do
  • mod works fine with other weapon mods or even texture mods
  • mod should not cause any load latency as models are faster than vanilla and textures are already called by assets originally¬†
  • To have access to new icons you should delete old ones inside /kenshi/data/icons (make sure you delete only weapon icons)
  • Mod was designed to work with kenshi default mod system (place the mod inside /kenshi/mods)