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Combination of SGC and NEO

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The world is in despair.
The world is fraught with danger.
The World is a mess.
The World awaits you too....

do what you normally do. wreck havock or help.
 yep i know made it sound like you was special lol
So...What does this Mod Do?
It combines my
Stronger Group Combat 
Nekos Economic Overhaul
Nekos Clothing Overhaul
Animal Traders
Animal Backpacks
making for a complete revamp of the game.

What's under the hood you might ask?

  •   All NPCs have their own stats and skills.
  •   Research and farming overhauled to cost more and take longer. 
  •   Animals are stronger and more deadly. New animals groups have been added so the ones you buy will not be the same as the ones in the wild.
  •   Several groups are larger
  •   Ruins Loot has been adjusted to be of smaller amounts, less Masterwork weapons and armours available.
  •   Shops have less items and less money and a longer restock time
  •   Carbon is required to make steel bars
  •   Ruins have larger patrols and more NPCs added to fill in the area's
  •   Securities Spider II drops a AI Core
  •   Big Bones Drops massive amounts of electronics Loot and a AI core.
  •   Animal body hit points adjusted 2 to 3 times normal amounts.
  •   NPC's have better quality weapons and armour chances.
  •   Boss types are now more Bos worthy. they will not be easy to take down.
  •   Economy adjusted, you can now buy anywhere to make items for a profit. but mats to make things give very little in monetary rewards. only completed items will give you a good return on your investment.
  •   Production times increased so that you can't mass produce  your way to riches to quickly.
  •   All Animals drop meat and skins. base is 1 to 2 per animal. Really large ones give more.
  •   Plus even more
  • What's being worked on
  •   More balance  to the economy
  •   More balance to research and mats requirements.
  •   New money sinks to prevent you from becoming the Bill gates of Kenshi in the mid to late game.
  •   Updates to the Mods when patches are released. All my Mods are kept updated to the latest experimental Version.
  •   New buildings. types to be determined and their feasibility.

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