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complete overhaul of the economy.

Permissions and credits
Rebalances the economy and crafting so prices are more inline to survival.
In the long run you will still be able to make lots of cats, but in the start to mid game and even into late part of the game, it will be much harder to become bill gates of the Kenshi World.
Due to some of the changes, when you first enable this Mod, it is recommended that you import into a new game so the changes are guaranteed to work correctly.
Also when setting this mod, make sure it's put at the bottom of the load order so its changes overwrite other changes by other Mods. this is if you use other Mods to ensure this Mods adjustments take preference.
Making this more compatible with other Mods. including mine since some changes have affected squads. those these changes are different than my other squad changes in my other Mods.
Old saves are compatible long as its current game version. stable or experimental.
NEO is built on the experimental Branch of Kenshi.
Building materials
Food materials
everyday items
Ruin Loot Spawns, now you shouldnt be able to get 5 or 10 master work items but instead 1 or 2 at most.
added guards/patrols/residents to ruins and floodlands
research times and costs
Research materials costs
Xp Gain due to the longer researching and production times.
Working on/Balancing
All crafting materials
Spawns and loot spawns
Late game Money sinks
also part of the rebalance is costs versus finished item. this means no matter what, even if you buy the materials you will still earn a  profit making finished items.
Before you would spend more to make a  finished item. It cost  more to make it then the sum of its parts. this is now fixed.
Carbon now required to make steel bars.
You can find carbon in all armour and weaponshops.
My tip jar
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