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Further increased stats. much stronger then my stronger group combat

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It Comes on the sounds of padded feet.
it comes with the  soft snik of a sword puilled from its scabard
Death, Take Note
For all that awaits here, is your Death.
About Death Note, this is made as a mod request by BigRowdy
You all played my Stronger Group Comabt, well now this will top it. For all that awaits is death.
NPC's and animals are far far stronger then in Strong Group Combat. this Mod will wreck medium to high end sqauds.
The only NPC's not edited will be anyone you can hire and keep in your squad.
Mod is still a WIP. lots more to do.  so many things are not finished or upgraded. but im making it avilable now for you to test.
 not compatible with my other Mods or Mods that change characters and drop loot.
Mod Special animal edit.. Big Bones, dropes 3 AI cores and 24 ancient science books on Death, if you can kill it that is.
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