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Increases wildlife to be more dangerous.

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Once in History, wildlife was our biggest fear. it wasn't other humanoids we feared but the dangers of Dog packs, Leviathans and Gutter's.
Then it was the spiders and our own creations.
For a while we had them all put under our thumbs before the event, long sicne past memory.
Wildlife has made a come back 1,000 fold. and now  they craw and bound and howl into the night. Now we too fear the wilds again, for the wilds hold dangers once again.
Primal Wildlife Contains a update to all animals
they are now stronger, more deadly. All flesh wildlife now gives out meat.
Security Spiders give out AI cores but due to that item eventually becoming very rare, the Spider has been massively upgraded.
The new mods are designed so that you can mix and match with my other Mods except Stronger Group Combat Mod, that one is pretty much its own creation.
PWL Is made and Kept updated to  the experimental Branch of Kenshi.
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