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This mod re-organize placement system for objects in kenshi, allow to build closer and more efficiently, works perfectly with job system and AI goals

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General Description:
  • Mod delete/edit/rebuild interaction nodes for nearly every machine/storage/object?
  • Goal of the mod is to allow player to build with more comfort without needing to use F12 menu or other sorcery
    - by doing so all newly build objects have full collisions and gravity and don't require reloading or any other F12 problems
  • Mod also was made to work fully with vanilla system of jobs and AI goals  
  • you will be able to place storages closer to each others and closer to walls 
  • You can place chests or small storages on top of crafting benches and rarely on top of bigger storage (functionality is extremely limited here)
  • Mod adds custom collision file for interaction nodes, in result they are less annoying to work with, but works with Kenshi AI and interaction distances
  • Currently mod only affect nearly everything and making it was a nightmare!
  • Have fun in the game
i highly recommend this mods for ultimate building experience
(correct/recommended load order)
better construction wireframe
Better Crop Fences v. 3
Robotic Storage
interior design
Better placement mod
Additional info:
All my mods for kenshi are available here
Working on this particular mod is very exhausting and mod itself is just good to have, but not vital or fun so updates and improvements might be hard to find and implement there, thanks for trying my mod regardless and i wish you good day!
Compatibility and funs:
honestly most of the building mods should work with it, just support for modded objects might be limited
Mod does not conflict with any other existing mod (afaik, i can't imagine somebody to made conflicting mod for it)
Affected objects:

I basically took everything player could place 1 after 1, navigate to the mesh and load it in 3D editor, spawned collision nodes and check how could i rearange them to preserve functionalities, but allow tighter/better placement , i calculated offset and facing for each node and decided to keep them dense enough to cover whole object, but in reasonable spacing to make AI target specific nodes for the jobs, i also edited general settings and collision for user node and general node to make them more reactive with AI goals, not create player towns, not interrupt player pathing in base