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Makes slavery a valid form of role play and income.

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PSA this mod can be quite buggy due to the rigid and convoluted nature of how FCS handles dialogue and event triggers, as well as my own inexperience. This was my first kenshi mod and will likely never be finished, as i simply don't know how to get it working without breaking and having to recreate alot of vanilla AI, triggers, squads and such. Which is not only a tonne of work but makes it incompatible with about a 3rd of all mods.


Slaves are more likely to join you or jailbreak when you unlock their shackles/ cages. Timid slaves might change their minds after repeated attempts to free them.

Adds a roaming slave trader squad. Starts and returns to the regions around the slave markets town.

Slave shop merchants will pay 2500 for a slave. I haven't yet found a way to change the value by race, equipment, stats etc.

Roaming slave caravan leaders will pay 1000 (the effort of bringing them home and breaking them in out in the field makes it less worthwhile for them).

Every slave you sell will raise your relations with the slavers and slave hunters by 1.

You can pay a slaver caravan to send a squad to your base to buy slaves for 1000. Costs 2500 from a slave shop owner (organizing an entirely new caravan is more expensive than redirecting one already in the field).

If you ignore the slavers you sent to your base when they arrive they may attack. (not tested)

Slave shop owners might buy your prisoner twice paying 600 the second time. I think the default dialogue tree is overwriting for some reason.

Upon arriving to your outpost might have no dialogue.

Might not leave your outpost

The hired patrol might give up before reaching your outpost


The roaming squad will drop slaves off in town. - done
More relationship altering events.
Make Slave Markets and the slaving factions grow and shrink dynamically. - the only triggers allowed for world states and thus town changes is state of NPC and whether or not your are an ally. - might be impossible.
Allow player to enslave. Slaves can be ordered to work, guard, be training dummies, doctors etc..
Make jail-breaking a bit more realistic/ fun.
Make slavers value different races, health conditions, stats and equipment of slaves. - not possible with official tools

It helps me alot if you could leave a comment describing any bugs, issues or requests :