About this mod

Have you ever noticed...? Whenever you have a guard, patron or anybody idle they just stand like total brick 40 hours and they don't even so much as scratch their own nose! This is because most animations have 1 frame and nothing going on within. My mod aims to change this up. Please consider checking the mod out.

Permissions and credits
Mod was made to work with all currently popular animation mods as well as standalone thing:
  • combat animations,
  • miliary craft,
  • AGOs more idles animations
  • Bouncing boobs - friend tested
  • application method allow my mod to work with races, not override skeleton which would cause conflicts 
  • to make sure my animation works with other animations you might use make sure to load it right under them
  • Mod does not require import right away if you keep it under big mods, but you should set my mod in load order correctly right before import.

In case if you experience Crashes when entering big bars or other interiors
  • i got hot-fix prepared and as soon as i will be able to test it 2.2b will be released :)

Be careful when using this pose. might lure the simps!

------Most description and screens don't reflect progression (i mostly focused on update log for it), i m just bad at this and wanna focus on doing better animations, better description might came later :)

Art made by my friend, i love it and wanted to share :)

NEW ANIMATIONS and more announcements!:
  • i'm bad in up to date descriptions and everything, but trying xD
  • Mod will change name in the future, for now please accept it all as it is or suggest name for immersive non-combat animations - ohh this one sounds nice xD
  • sorry if you see progress of my work as slow, it's difficult rn to do anything, but i m trying.


i might not be able to provide patch for every modded race ever made
but my mod is relatively simple to implement once you have it  
1: Open FCS
2: Activate Race mod and than Activate IN-CA
3 create new mod "race and in-ca compatibility patch" and enter to load them all
4 in race menu do this:  

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