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Reduces the size of larger textures, drastically decreasing in-game stutterings and loading speed and (sometimes) increasing FPS

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This project is intended to help those players who have decent PCs and experiencing long loading times/in-game stutterings. It halves the resolution of the largest in-game textures, reducing their volume by 4 times (2 times in height x 2 times in width gives 4 times in volume) and therefore reducing loading time and amount of memory, needed to store them. It won't help much if you'll just choose lower texture quality in "OPTIONS" section, using vanilla textures - the game still would need to load all of the textures to extract lower-res mip-maps from them.

Instructions to install:
  1. Download archive
  2. Open it with 7Zip or WinRAR
  3. Open your Kenshi folder.
  4. Drag "Data" folder from the WinRAR window to Kenshi folder
  5. Replace everything when being asked to.
  6. Enjoy!