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Corrects a bug found when importing your saves. This bug can despawn certain shops, buildings, NPCs, or even enemies.

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Guaranteed Shops v1.0
by Ruhadre


When importing games; certain shops, buildings, NPCs, or even Enemies will just disappear.  I suspect that any modded game out there suffers from this because importing is usually required as part of the process to make certain mods work.  It might even occur with new games too, I just haven't confirmed it.

Source of Bug:

In the FCS, the vulnerable shops/buildings/NPCs/Enemies all have a priority of 0 in their resident entries under TOWN.


Give all of these entries a priority of 1.  I excluded any entry that wasn't a shop, working building, or NPC.  I also ignored any entry that had a count of 0.  This also works if the world state has changed for that area.


Please see screenshots if you want to know if this bug happens to your favorite cities.  Mods that add buildings, NPCs, spawns, world states, etc...should all be using priority 1 for their entries if they don't want stuff to disappear on import.


Download, unzip, place mod file with it's folder directory into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kenshi\mods


This should be highly compatible, as this mod isn't adding anything not already in vanilla, it just guarantees that it'll appear.

Please do not ask, "Is this compatible with...?"  That can only be verified by comparing the changes with the FCS.  I'm fairly new to Kenshi and not aware of everything out there.  If you'd like to post a confirmation on compatibility, that would greatly be appreciated!

Thanks for checking out my work.  I hope you like it!

If you enjoy the work being done here, then feel free to leave an endorsement  ^_^