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Add 3copper drills to the game, and change slightly the description of the preexisting iron drills.

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Did it never bothered you that you could unlock iron drills, but apparently you had to keep mining copper with a pickaxe forever ? Not anymore !
Add the copper drill (1-2-3) to the game. Unlock through the same research than iron drills.
They are similar to iron drills (power, resources produced, appearance....), except for the fact that they need copper in the ground, and produce raw copper.

Also edited the description text for the iron drills, to reflect the differences with the copper drills.

Installation :
-Unzip the mod in the mod folder in your Kenshi main directory : on steam C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kenshi\mods. On Gog/other it will be different, but it's always in the mod folder inside the Kenshi main directory (Kenshi/mods)
-Enable the mod on the Kenshi launcher

Uninstall :
-Disable the mod through the launcher
-Delete the "copper drill" inside your Kenshi/mods folder