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A total world overhaul for Kenshi. New factions, New Locations, New textures, New models including buildings, armor, weapons, tools & items. We've updated almost every old city to have a new layout or have added to them to give them more definition in their own right. New mechanics and Old Mechanics touched upon. It is indeed, Kenshi 1.5.

Permissions and credits
Project Genesis - World Overhaul
Version: 7 - Official Beta Release

Our Mod’s Statement
The aim of the overhaul is to try and expand on every aspect of the Vanilla game, without devaluing the core values.

To this extent:
Nearly all cities have been reworked in layout, appearance, lighting and apparent function.
Most Factions have been given an identity, to distinguish them from others and increase player immersion.
Dialogues, NPC Ai and roles within faction communities have been tweaked to add simulated function and more life to NPC settlements.
More NPC settlements have been added both to accommodate increased number of factions and give the existing ones a grander sense of territorial dominance.
World states and visual changes have been included for all re-worked and additional settlements as part of course, to add weight to player action. While some have included sieges for player participation requiring one to work through several consecutive triggers.
To achieve these broad strokes, the mod has integrated and modified where necessary a number of standalone mods from various contributors with permission in addition to creating its own custom assets, dialogue lines and FCS entries to make it all work.

This mod has been in development for well over 8 months, on that note this mod is still very far from finished. At this point in time, we are still in the world-building state. This means some quests, dialogue, and other features are far from fleshed out.

This Beta version is marketed as an EXPLORATION mod.

Please be aware that as this is an alpha, in its current state there will be GUARANTEED incompatibilities with other mods.
Mods that WILL be incompatible are:
  • Overhaul mods
  • New town additions 
  • Animation mods
  • New faction additions or changes 

Like any overhaul mod this mod should be placed below most other mods but before economy and patch mods.


Interview with GMG By Stefan

Compatible with Tsuki - A ReShade preset for Kenshi

Compatible with Kenshi 2 Style - A ReShade preset for Kenshi

Gameplay, Utility, & Mechanical Changes:
  • Max Faction Size: 256
  • Max Squad Size: 50
  • Max Number Attack Slots: 5
  • Days Per Year: 365
  • Sunrise: 4
  • Sunset: 22 (Does not affect shops)
  • Custom Map Included
  • "Public wells" in towns. This provides water for an early start.
  • Light visuals have been changed. Intensity scaled-down & radius increased. This provides a much more natural blending of light sources.

Mod features:
  • Current world state change number: 400+
  • Armor: 250+ New additions.
  • Weapons: 40+ New additions.
  • Dialogue: 5000+ New additions.

Region Spotlight for Alpha:
  • The Northern Region.
  • The Border Zone.
  • The Holy Nation.
  • Avalon Isles.
  • The East Coast.
  • Cheaters Run.
  • Shun.
  • The Swamp.
Mods included:
Steam Collection With All Mods 

Custom assets & variations:
  • Re-enabled or added many of the legacy buildings
  • Re-enabled or added many of the legacy animals and added new hybrids
  • Added more mechanical variants for skeletons and old machines
  • Weaponized existing assets and added to the range of available weapons to NPC and Player.
  • Added custom faction armor and weapons to Hive, Screeching bandits, Cannibals, Flotsam,
  • Rebel farmers and various other new and existing factions.
  • Added custom assets for the improved identity of various factions including but not limited to furniture, buildings, and lore.
  • Started adding custom assets to better define world states through visual changes and improve player immersion.

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