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Removes cut efficiency and applies that value towards cut resistance instead.

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This is a mod that removes cut efficiency and applies that value towards cut resistance instead.

Let me tell you about Kenshi's cut efficiency. In theory, it's a nifty idea to have a certain percent of resisted cut damage to be converted to blunt damage instead. However, the execution is just ridiculous. You immediately take the blunt damage regardless of all subsequent layers of armor protecting that area. This results in absurd, backwards scenarios where wearing lower quality armor (or even none) is superior to more layers of armor.

Here is an example:

Pretend you take a 100 cut damage hit to the right leg. You are wearing (all Masterwork) a Dustcoat, Samurai Legplates, and Samurai Boots. Right away, because of the Dustcoat, you have a 60% chance to take 18 direct blunt damage from cut efficiency regardless of any other protection. 26 cut damage is blocked, and the remaining 56 goes to the next layer. The Legplates also take an immediate 5 damage (thanks efficiency) and the remaining 11 go to the next layer. The Boots have 100% efficiency, so you have a 40% chance to block 9 of 11 damage. So in total you take 25 or 34 damage.

Now if you TAKE OFF the Dustcoat (or the 40% chance it MISSES it), if you REMOVE that extra layer of protection, the Legplates receive all 100 damage. You take an immediate 8 damage (efficiency) and the remaining 19 goes to Boots. 40% chance the Boots will block 15 of 19 damage. In total, you take 12 or 27 damage.

Because of this backwards, awful efficiency system, you reduce more damage by striping off a Masterwork layer of protection than keeping it on. Even worse, wearing a PROTOTYPE Dustcoat reduces more damage than a Masterwork thanks to this system (take less direct damage from cut efficiency, more damage mitigated by Legplates).

This illogical system frustrated me to the point of making this mod. What it does is instead applies the efficiency value towards cut resistance, so a Dustcoat with 44% cut resist, 60% cut efficiency will instead have 26% cut resist (44% * 0.6). Using the previous example as a reference, the Dustcoat still blocks 26 cut damage but now all of the remaining 74 (56+18) goes onto the next layer. No immediate direct damage ignoring all other armor. No dumb "More protection is worse protection" absurdity.

That's it. There are no other special tweaks or adjustments to give a player advantages or disadvantages. Just removing cut efficiency and adjusting cut resistance to account for it. This will make characters, both player and enemy, a bit more resilient to cut damage as they are no longer taking magic direct damage.


This mod edits "cut def bonus" and "cut into stun" values for every piece of armor with cut efficiency. If you have another mod that edits those values, place this above or below it in your load order depending on which mod's effects you prefer. It does not modify any armors outside of the vanilla game.

(2019-07-18) v0.94
Update to included Dyed Robes.

(2019-07-17) v0.92
Update to include the three versions of Halfpants I had missed.

(2019-07-16) v0.9
This is the first version of the mod, which I'm calling version 0.9. I've combed through all the armors multiple times to make sure I did not miss any, and I've checked dozens of sets of armors to make sure all the cut resistance values are right across varying qualities. However, I am still human and may have still missed one or fudged a value somewhere. Let me know if you find any armor showing unusual resistances or still depicting cut resistance, and I'll try to fix it right up.

Lastly, because of some hidden scales and values I cannot predict, a few of lower quality versions of armors may be 1% off of their expected resistance due to rounding errors. The mod edited every Masterwork to its new cut resistance and lets the quality system take care of the rest.