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Allows you to make Bread Dough out of Strawflour and Water, in a Bread Baker's table, gives the cook more bread out of all that work. Time to start baking.

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  • French
Ever found it odd that you didn't turn Flour into a bread dough first and then baked it for the end product  CAKE  ?

Well now YOU WILL HAVE TO, with the new and not to bad looking  Cooking Table Bread Baker's table in which your fine cooks will be hard at work to make tasteless Bread Dough.

 * ADDS * 
- New Cooking Table Bread Baker's table to the Baking research ( FOOD Category in the BUILD MENU )
- Bread Dough Crafting and 4X MORE BREAD!
- Version 2 Adds Bread Oven Overhaul (research) which improves the production speed of the Bread Oven (tell me if u think its too high or low, ok?)
- Version 2.1 Adds the new Bread Dough Storage Shelf to store all your dough leftovers

* Bread Oven :
- Fuel powered version    - Bread Oven takes Fuel to bake bread 
- Energy powered version- Bread Oven only consumes Energy when baking Bread

* Check the Files Tab to choose your Mod version *
* Flour Storage, made the build less reflective
* Strawflour item also made less reflective
* Lower Bread Price, 4x times cheaper, this is inevitable

So here's the new process in which you can make bread :
Simple explanation:
-- *Bread Baker's table* -- 1 Strawflour + 1 Water == 4 Dough
-- *Bread Oven* -- 4 Dough + Fuel == 4 Bread ~~ 1 Fuel can bake several

Detailed explanation :
-- Grow your wheat LIKE A FILTHY PEASANT!
-- Take it to your Grain Silo, grind 10 packs of Wheatstraw to make just one bag of Strawflour,
nothing new down here
-- Now your assigned cook will take 1 Strawflour bag and a bucket of Water to the Bread Baker's table, and with some patience, he'll make 4 pieces of Bread Dough
-- With the Dope Dough in hand take it to the Bread Oven and with some fuel you'll start baking and shaking baby.

 * TO DO * 
- Balance it? meh do I really need to.. oh cmon
- More good looking Cooking Table! buy one at IKEA u bum Done!
- Electrical Bread Oven   --> Bread Oven Overhaul(research)
- Listen to complaints from dumb stickmans and Bug Fixing - Ready and waiting for Reports

 * Just unpack into the Kenshi mods directory, enable it and play 
 * No need to Import your Save 

and if you have any suggestion leave it in the comments
Have fun in the shrieking forest twigman