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This mod adds a oppurtunity to ally Holy nation outlaws.Not only this, they also come to help you when you are raided !

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So this mod add a oppurtunity to make early ally which will help you with bandit raids!
It adds a new Character for HNO located in Hub bar.
-If you talk to him, you can pay 3500 cats for be ally with HNO,really simple
-What it does?You got really cheap ally in start of the game(if you start in hub)
-They gonna heal you and help you if you base is raided!
-Some factions if you ally with them dont care if you are raided by bandits but this guys will!
-its good when you starting your base early near Hub (like Shem) and dont have much experienced guys to defend.
-If they dont make it in time they still gonna protect your base for 24hours
-They are not really good fighters at all (stats around 15), its just a little help

Works for:
Dust bandit demand raid
Black Dragon ninjas
Fogman raid
Band of Bones raid

Also this mod change their roaming squads(not hostile anymore)
added staff to some of them and made a squad leader

Also Changed relations to bandit factions to -100