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This mod adds 5 different variants of the Round Bar Table with food, drink, and clutter on it, to add more flair and give that "lived in" feel to your base's kitchken/bar.

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This mod has been uploaded with permission from the original author - SpaceLettuceOG.

If you have questions about the mod, please ask on the steam mod page here:


This mod adds 5 different variants of the Round Bar Table with food, drink, and clutter on it, to add more flair and give that "lived in" feel to your base's kitchken/bar. You can really tell the difference it makes in the before and after picture. I think it adds a lot of atmosphere.

- The variants are unlocked with the same research that unlocks the empty Round bar Table.
- I made the models for the cups, plates, and bowls, everything else are models from in-game meshes, although a few of them I reduced the poly/tri count of the bread, cooked veggies, and meatwrap models to be more performance friendly. They look virtually the same, but with better performance.
- I want to add some variants with clutter of the table, small table, and shelves, but they won't be coming anytime soon, as I am starting to feel a little burned out on the modding, as I have been churning out a lot of mods lately, if you haven't noticed. I kinda want to play the game now, and take a little break from releasing mods. Variants for these other furniture types will come eventually, plz don't ask me when down in the comments.

Will you make a variant of [insert type of furniture] that has [insert type of object] on it?

Short answer: No
Longer Answer: Maybe, but given the nature of "variants", there is literally infinite combinations of things, and let's be real here, i don't make money off these, and modding is often thankless work, I am only going to make so many variants of things, and if you want a particular piece of furniture with a certain thing on it, you are welcome to learn how to 3d model and do it yourself. I am not trying to be mean here, but I do get asked to make things A LOT, often people telling me to make something like I work for them and they're my boss, and it does get very tedious always being polite to people asking for the 200th time. I know some of you mean well, so I am not trying to be mean here. So, this is just my polite little disclaimer. :-) Also, please don't PM me on Discord to make a mod request. Let's keep those here on Steam. I like to think I am a nice guy, and I'm trying my best to say this in the nicest way possible, so thanks for your understanding. :-)


I hope you all enjoy! :-)

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I know they're simple meshes, but gotta do the obligitory license/permissions thing.
The models for the cups, plates, and bowls were made by me, 100% from scratch. You are not allowed to use my work in any way without my express permission. No one is allowed to reupload my work anywhere, without my express permission. HaTsUnE_NeKo has be granted permission to reupload my mods.

Uses in-game textures.
The other meshes come from in game assets, and were not made by me.


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