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Improves the visual appearance of fences used to guard crops.

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This mod has been uploaded with permission from the original author - Althauxan (aka 1000carlos)


Holy Farms should no longer have floating fences. If you find an NPC farm that has floating or strangely placed fences, let me know! Will require save import for changes to take affect on prior saves.

Patch for General Modifications mod:

Patch for the Farming Crops Enhanced mod:

This is an update to the crop field's fences to something that doesn't look totally useless. Each tier of fence has the same dementions so you can easilly organize your farms.

The fences are purely visual and won't actually protect your crops or impede movement. Characters will simply walk through them.

For best results, raise the fences up when placing them with the +/= key.

Known Issues:

[INVESTIGATING] Farm plots that are part of the world (i.e. Holy Farms) tend to have floating/intersecting fences. Don't know how that could be fixed outside of editing each plot individualy.