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This mod adds new face textures to each race and subrace. New sub-races are added with new textures, for example, the Southern Hive Queen is given a texture that corresponds to the Southern Hives.

In contrast to Faces Plus a different style of eyes was chosen, also all vanilla eyes were disabled to make it uniform.

New Facetextures
New Eyecolors
New (optical) Subraces

Concept Features:
- Vanilla Facetextures are disabled
- Same look of all eyes
- eyes have brightness levels
- Renamed Beards & Hairstyles

Difference between Faces Plus and ACC:

Faces Plus builds different eye color and face textures depending on the race. ACC adds the same face textures and eye colors to each race.

Faces Plus has more complex eye textures, ACC uses simple styled eye textures. The eyes in Faces Plus are brighter than in ACC.

Faces Plus adds new face textures, ACC replaces and adds new face textures in a unified style.

In Faces Plus, there are no texture variants for races, ACC adds texture variants.

In contrast to ACC, Faces Plus is much smaller in size and in data size.

Human Races:
Adds Palelanders
Cannibals unlocked
adds all eyecolors to Cannibals

10 Eyecolors - Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Grey
4 Brightness levels
3 Facetextures

Shek Races:
Adds reddish Shek

10 Eyecolors - Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Grey
4 Brightness levels
4 Facetextures

Hive Races (Normals,Southern, Dead)
Adds Southern Hive Queen Textures
Adds Dead Hive Queen Textures
Southern Hives unlocked
Dead Hive (Fogman) unlocked

10 Eyecolors - Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Grey
4 Brightness levels
2 Facetextures

Skeleton Races:
Adds Red variation
Adds Green variation
Adds Blue Variation

Unlocks all MK I Models
Unlocks all MK II Models

6 Facetextures - Screamer
6 Facetextures - P4 Unit
3 Facetextures - Soldierbot / Loghead

3 Facetextures - Screamer - Red 
3 Facetextures - Screamer - Green
3 Facetextures - Screamer - Blue

2 Facetextures - P4 Unit - Red 
2 Facetextures - P4 Unit - Green
2 Facetextures - P4 Unit - Blue

1 Facetextures - Soldierbot - Red
1 Facetextures - Soldierbot - Green
1 Facetextures - Soldierbot - Blue

Adds new editorfile to MK I - darker Skin Tone max
Adds new Maskfiles, dark face skin tone - Screamer - P4 Unit

Gameplay Mods

Adds all ACC-Basic Sub-Races into the game world:

Hive starting scenario series (ACC - Basic)

New Start - Group of fogmen and Queen:

New Start: Group of southern Hive and Queen:

Hive starting scenario series (ACC - Races)

New Start - Group of dark hive and queen:

Hivern starting scenario series: (ACC - Basic & ACC - Races)

New Start: Group of Hive, southern Hive & dark Hive and their queens:

Compatibility mods

Military Craft:


Advanced Character Creation - Content Packs


The folder and the facetextures are named CCO, this was the short name of the project-name. This will not be changed and all upcoming folders and facetextures will carry this short.

It would be too much work to change that in hindsight.


With version 6 everything was inserted which should be inserted in ACC-Basic.

The Basic version accounts for about 35% of the entire project.

This mod is realized over several partial mods, the base version will get only new eye colors. then there will be a content pack with the new sub-races, when this is done different face textures will come in another content pack. each of these content packs will be huge ...

If you are looking for a smaller manageable mod you should stay with Faces Plus or download it.