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Simple world map texture replacement.
Nothing too fancy.

Permissions and credits

Collection of different types of Nice Map to match different people's tastes and needs.
Hope you can find something for yourself.

What is Nice Map?
It is a Kenshi world map replacement with intention to not to be too technical or out of immersion.
It tries to achieve 'handcrafted' look without too much alteration in original map.

Why does it exists?
Aren't there already a plenty of decent maps out there?

Sure there are good looking and informative maps out there, such as: In-Game Biome Map (steam workshop link) or In-Game Biome Map (No Colour) (steam workshop link) and pretty good looking Better Map With Borders (steam workshop link). You might also check these out. My map project started as personal thing, something to match my own taste, a little bit different from these existing maps. And then I was requested to publish it in workshop. I'm not sure how far I'll go with these customisations.

What kind of Variations out there?
There are versions with:
  1. Zones outlines
  2. Zone names
  3. Roads
  4. Grid
  5. Topographic map, that tries to represent height of land

How to:
You can check out screenshots at 'IMAGES' tab and download prefered combination at 'FILES' tab.
Installation: download perefered combination; open archive (.zip), extract folder into 'Kenshi/mods/'; open game launcher and activate mod in 'Mods' tab.

Additional information:
Relevant for Kenshi v1.0.9 (not tested on recent versions, although it should work)
Materials used: original Kenshi map ( located in game's folder; Map with zone names from wikia page ( link) used as reference; Various textures located at "Kenshi\data\newland\land\", such as heightmap (fullmap.tif) and roadmap (new_overlay.png).
Managing all these versions is pretty frustrating process, so... don't expect much updates.

If you want to edit any of Nice Maps - feel free to do so. Would be nice if you'll mention me (steam profile link) in description after that.
[Some source files to use, if you'll decide to make your own version] (google docs link)

Hope you like it. Feedback is welcome. Have a nice time playing Kenshi