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Have you ever wanted to kill everybody in Kenshi? Instead of just knocking them out? Well now you can!

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This mod adds two new 'Death Items' to the inventories of every character in the game. A 'Heart' for organic life forms and a 'Component' for skeletons. Removing these items from the inventory of an unconscious enemy will instantly kill them.

Note: I've added Death Items to all companions and recruits, but if they are in your squad, removing the item has no effect (even if they are unconscious) so feel safe to throw it away. It's just there for people who REALLY want to kill everybody!

Player characters do not have the Death Item in their inventories (so hopefully, no accidental deaths). But I've since learned that slavers will sometimes take the heart when they enslave and strip people (which of course, kills the victim). So it might be a good idea to get rid of the heart from any of your companions when you first recruit them.