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  1. superchicken101
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    Alright, new updates finally found their way to the nexus.

    Recruitment Guide:
    Bug/Issue Reports:

    CHANGELOG (Backed up from Update 2.8a Hotfix)

    **Version 3.1**
    -Fixed Potpourri's 4C Dialogue link.
    -Tyran no longer scavenged the Second Empire ruins.
    -Finally added contingency Dialogue for Kazakh regarding Albanh's, Altis', or Kastor's death prior to speaking to him. Also a little extra dialogue in case you went and retrieved what he was looking for beforehand.
    -Fixed a bug with Gnume's Dialogue that only gave him the option to join you 10% of the time, even when you paid him.
    -Removed Contingency spawns on Altis, Kastor, and Albanh, as they're now useless with appropriate world states and unique dialogue chains for Kazakh.

    3.0a Hotfix
    -Hotfix to address accidental mod dependency.

    **Version 3.0**
    -Added a 100K Cat chance gate to acquiring Gnume. I figured with those skills, getting him for free , (even with the chance gate) was a little OP.
    -Unable/Unaware of how to mess with detection ranges on characters, so I've gone ahead and added additional modifiers to HOPEFULLY reduce spam.
    -Finished Potpourri's Dialogue, she is now fully recruitable.
    -Small edits to Potpourri's stats to better reflect her backstory.
    -Got Recruits to spawn in seperate "Housemates" squads. Untested, but hopefully they won't help each other the next time they wanna attack you.
    -Changed Incapped Recruits AI to "Wandering from Town to Town" to hopefully prevent them from clogging up town gates. Also add condition that they must be knocked out OUTSIDE of town walls, including your own, to prevent exploits where possible.
    -Wandering Shek drifters MAY have been Exiles wandering Holy Nation territory. I've set their race as 50/50 Greenlander or Scorchlander, and updated Heretics to 100% be Greenlanders for obvious reasons.
    -Added anywhere between 1-6 Skeleton recruits in Black Desert City
    -Added Tinfist Wannabes. They're pretty much as stated, they wannabe Tinfist! They wear Gi and Gi Pants, are unarmed, and have mild training in hand to hand combat at the cost of being pretty useless at everything else. May spawn in Black Desert City, Outlaw towns such as Hub, the Swamp, Mongrel, World's End, or even in the Fishing Villages.
    -The Black Tower will populate with Holy Deserters after the Keeper is destroyed. Romaing Agents of Narko squad are now tied to the Black Tower.
    -Added an interaction between Grimm and Gnume if the squad Gnume is is is at minimum 3 large as it will involve one random squaddie. Look for goats.

    **Version 2.9**
    -Palach and Orphis will hang out in their respective bars instead of wandering town to ensure they don't get murderfied by guards.
    -New POI "The Black Tower"; This is right next to The Hub and gives a permanent home for the Agents of Narko Mercenaries. Two new Unique characters reside here, The Keeper and Bhujerba.
    -The Keeper is NOT recruitable for obvious reasons, but if ye can kill 'er, she does have quite the bounty on her head. I'll add an override destroying The Black Tower once I figure out how.
    -Bhujerba has recruitment dialogue, if you've ever played FFXII you'll get the reference :D
    -New Generic Recruits: Fletcher, Armoursmith, Weaponsmith
    -Nerfed Ronin and Shek Warriors a bit.
    -Nerfed Josef, Irdat, and Gnume, so they're not so effortlessly OP.
    -I've started some legitimate work on Potpourri's dialogue, but haven't really got past the second phase of the conversation. You'll see my dev notes if you talk to her, at the mo'.

    Hotfix Version 2.8c
    -Completed some incomplete work I left in the last update for the Olena Monk dialogues.

    **Version 2.8b**
    -Nerfed Incapacitated Wanderers
    -Incapacitated Recruits nerfed to 1 Character Maximum (Had them set to 2 maximum for some reason.)
    -Added "Retreat and Refresh" AI Package to Incapped Recruits 'cuase they enjoyed standing around looking dumb.
    -Changed Broken Thralls to factions Skeletons so they wouldn't get killed by the normal thralls.
    -Fixed condition checks on Pilgrims.
    -Can't figure out how to get Palach and Orphis to tak to each otherdespite being hostile so that's on hold. They'll give you a bit of a monologue before attempting to kill ye though.
    -Added some Interactions for Vain.
    -Added an Interaction for Wend
    -Added my Wife as a contributor since she basically wrote Elizabeth.
    -Fixed a gap in Gnume's dialogue.

    Version 2.8a Hotfix
    -Eldritch properly recruitable now.

    ::Current To-Do List::
    1:Dialogue Packages for Uniques and Basics.
    1A: Timing fixes and additional dialogue lines.
    2: Recruitment Dialogue on listed Unique Recruits
    3: Wandering Animals that might join you?
    4: Moar Basic Followers- Suggestions welcome!
    5:Retrofit Versions
    6.Update on Lo-Fi Forum and Nexus Mods
    7. Sire and Billy the Squire (?)
    8. Interactions between Eldritch and Okuro (3); Kazakh and Slezkh(1-3); Tyran and Opsmit/Pepssim(1-2); Ordis and Tyran(1); Ordis and Optic (3); L'Cie and Mikael (1-3); Mikael and Yunomi (1-3); Yunomi and Grimm (3-5); Ordis and Infinite Wingwang (1-3); Kazakh and Ruka (3-5); Dr. Chung and Optic (2); Izumi and Yunomi (1-3); Potpourri and Elizabeth (2-3); Bhujerba and L'Cie (1-5).
    9. Biome Interactions/Shouts
    Cannibal Plains//Central//Cheaters Run//Darkfinger//Deadlands//Desert//Dreg//Empire//Fishman Island//Flats Lagoon//Floodlands//Fog Islands//Forbidden Isle//Greenbeach//Grey Desert//Greyshelf//Gut//Heng//Hidden Forest//High Bonefields//Howler Maze//Iron valleys//Leviathan Coast//Northern Coast//Obedience//Okran's Gulf//Okran's Pride//Okran's Valley//Purple Sands//Raptor Island//Rebirth//Royal Valley//Shem//Shun//Sinkuun//Skimsands//Skinner's Roam//Sniper Valley//Sonorous Dark//South Wetlands//Spider Plains//Spine Canyon//Stenn Desert//Stobe's Gamble//Stobe's Garden//Stormgap Coast//The Black Desert//The crags//The Crater//The Eye//The Great Desert//The Grid//The Hook//The Iron Trail//The Outlands//The Pits//The Pits East//The Shrieking Forest//The Swamp//The Unwanted Zone//Vain//Venge//Watcher's Rim
  2. Hieronymos2
    • premium
    • 167 posts
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    Where is Kazakh located? 
    I've found most of the Interesting Companions over the course of many playthroughs: but never Kazakh. Encountered references to him, like his 'momentoes' on a certain Dust Bandit. And have now run into another npc linked to him in Bast. But never the dude himself. 
    1. Goodr1k
      • member
      • 3 posts
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      Try to look at Waystations of Tech Hunters.  Once I found him at Waystation east of Hub.
  3. Huerta
    • member
    • 468 posts
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    So the construction set is showing some warnings on this mod, no idea how bad they are or how to fix them:
  4. tearsofwar1
    • premium
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    I couldn't sell my hashish to a smuggler which I find weird. Can you fix that? 
  5. akaviri92
    • member
    • 56 posts
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    Love this mod so far. I messed up recruitment dialogue with optic and can't seem to talk to him again even when I come back like many in game days later. Is there some way I can talk to him again? and also can character interact with different squad? or I need to have them to be in the same squad for them to interact? Thanks
    1. didojj1
      • member
      • 88 posts
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      You don't need to speak to him, use a mod called "recruit everyone" just beat him down them throw him in a cage and you can talk to him now, he will join you.
    2. superchicken101
      • member
      • 18 posts
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      Some characters will refuse to talk to you any longer if you pursue certain dialogue options. Adds some flair to the game, because not everyone is going to like you in real life, why here?
  6. strongnc21
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    Do you have to start a new game to get them to spawn?
    1. superchicken101
      • member
      • 18 posts
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      Not necessarily, an import will do the trick, this includes the new Agents of Narko building.
  7. blice
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Does this replace the vanilla recruits or adds them to the pool?
    1. superchicken101
      • member
      • 18 posts
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      Adds them to the pool. The only exception is Infinite Wingwang, and only technically, I simply added a dialogue package to him.
  8. Coconutsales
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    I love this mod soooo much, and I can't wait for the other heros to get proper dialogue... but, please, can you make Grimm less cringy? His entire adventuring dialogue is full of junk that a twelve year old would say... and he's an ex-samurai warrior... ???

    "but mom I want to keep that scary vicious beast pup" < really? Yikes. Makes me wanna kill him off just to be rid of him for good.

    It's made worse by the fact that I use the steam workshop mod "Let's Talk" ( ) which makes party member repeat what they've said before in similar situations, so your party doesn't become mute after fifty hours of play. In this particular case, I wish Grimm was mute.

    Now, I'm not totally against dialogue like that, but make it fit a character specifically made for being some immature brat, not this Samurai warrior lmao

    --- edit: I just realized this mod is abandoned. Shoot. Two years without an update? Any plans to finish this, ever? D:
    1. superchicken101
      • member
      • 18 posts
      • 0 kudos
      Sorry, I've mostly been updating it through the Steam Workshop for the sake of convenience. Also, Grimm's dialogue was on purpose for the sake that he's a drunkard who's purposely being annoying as all hell. In any case, I'll update the mod here on the nexus and on the lofi forums when I'm feeling particularly less lazy, lol.
    2. Steklowata
      • member
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      Grimm is machine. Grimm asks you to stop bleeding on his shoes. But i believe you could edit dialogues through FCS. Somehow...
  9. rapotaku
    • supporter
    • 111 posts
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    thank you for this mod! very interested in meeting the new characters :)

    unfortenetly I am 27 in game days in and visited all bars i came across( mostly borderzone/ great desert )
    but only could find some of them who havent had any dialouge yet :/

    Am I just that unlucky or am I missing something? I am not sure but I might have installed it mid playthrough around day 2.

    1. superchicken101
      • member
      • 18 posts
      • 0 kudos
      I've just pushed the update here on Nexus as well. Go ahead and load up the new mod and do an import; see if that fixes it.
  10. superchicken101
    • member
    • 18 posts
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    Alright! We're several updates in and I've FINALLY gotten around to updating it on Nexus. Enjoy!

    CHANGELOG (Backed up from Update 2.1)
    **Version 2.8**
    -Fixed Olena Monk Warriors, Olena Monk Zealots, Olena Outcast Warriors, and Olena Outcast Captains. They should all be recruitable and also attack enemy players on sight.
    -You shouldn't have the option to attack Palach in his dialogue without having allied Orphis or pissing him off anymore. You can also no longer spam his dialogue to get the right options.
    -You can now do the same thing to Orphis.
    -Cleaned up the world states related to the Olena Monks/Olena Monk Outcasts in order to prevent unintended issues later.
    -Josef should have Robot limbs.
    -Gnume's Recruitment dialogue is complete.
    -Eldritch's Recruitment dialogue is complete.
    -Elizabeth's Recruitment dialogue is complete.
    -Added Variable "Met Target Before == 0" to Grimm's See Neutral dialogue. Hopefully this improves compatibility with NPC/Slave mods and Mercenaries.

    **Version 2.7c Hotfix**
    -Kastor is properly in Port South this time, if you haven't imported he's in Port North.
    **Version 2.7b Hotfix**
    -Fix for Tortuga's Dialogue
    -Ensured Slezkh and Kazakh didn't have the same issues.
    **Version 2.7a Hotfix**
    -Fixed an inconsistency in Slezkh's dialogue which would stop you from recruiting him temporarily.
    -Albanh now properly has his head and better equipment than his goons.
    -Took some lessons from putting together Kazakh's dialogue and applied it to Tortuga, leading to a smoother experience.
    -Did the same thing for Slezkh.
    **Version 2.7**
    -Cleaned up Vanilla edits where possible.
    -More recruit variety in the United Cities now.
    -Bar squads should update with the town overrides now as well- since these are vanilla assets, let me know what it conflicts with.
    -Updated Tech Hunter waystations with recruits.
    -I think I cleaned the Incapped Recruits' Dialogue, lemme know if it's broken.
    -Kazakh now recruitable following a quest.
    -Nerfed Incapacitated Hive Princes due to complaints of wandering OP recruits.
    -Added Factions to tags due to the addition of the Olena Monks factions.
    **Version 2.6**
    -I missed some in the last Hotfix, so I changed all existing dialogue packages to have a 6 hour repetition limit on anything I could see was being abused by characters. Let me know if anything's still being a pain in the butt.
    -Irdat's Dialogue is Done.
    -Re-Did Opsmit and Pepssim's hiring again. Also prevented an exploit for 75000 free cats. Can't get their interjections to work, though.
    -You may now rarely run into 1-4 broken thralls just standing around in Venge. Give 'em a chat and you might have a new buddy!
    -Palach is now recruitable. Like Orphis you need a level 2 or 3 town, and will be periodically raided by Orphis' troops once you recruit him. Palach will only spawn at Drifter's Last and Orphis will only spawn at World's End.

    **Version 2.5b**

    -Hotfix to address spammy dialogue complaints. Everybody has been extended to 6 hours, equivalent to Vanilla dialogue package options. I felt that worked best, but if it continues to be an issue, please voice your concerns. Other changes will follow.
    **Version 2.5a**

    -Hotfix for Ordis' dialogue.

    **Version 2.5**

    -Corrections to Slezkh's dialogues/Chances
    -Addition of two new unique characters Josef and Yiannas
    -Faction corrections
    -Tyran Dialogue Completed
    -Opsmit/Pepssim Recruitment method completed.
    -Curious Hive princes should actually be Hivers.
    -Ordis Dialogue Completed
    -Cleaned up Mod
    -Removed old Gamedata.base reference from the beggars that was ruining their AI behaviours.
    **Version 2.4B**

    Second Hotfix to disassociate Exiles from UC under their Character file.
    **Version 2.4A**

    Hotfix to re-add Exiles as Homeless Spawns around HN areas and Heretics in UC Areas, as well as introduce bounties on the Exiles.
    **Version 2.4**

    -Updated Slezkh's Dialogue to be more clear with his Mercenary Contract.
    -Fixed a Continuity error in Slezkh's dialogue.
    -Opsmit is Unique again
    -Placeholder recruits can be recruited properly, you've got to pay for them now. Condition checks are unfriendly.
    -Heretics/Exiles now modify relations in a more natural method, and are now set as drifters.
    -Incapacitated Recruits now can only be interacted with once as intended.
    -Orphis and Palach's stats have been slightly modifed to reflect their intended back stories.
    -Orphis Dialogue completed
    -Olena Monks faction completed, including associated world states and campaigns. Expect these campaigns to begin running after convincing Orphis to join you, and later, with Palach as well.
    -Timing fixes for Yunomi. Nobody else has been modified yet, so let me know if Yunomi is a bit more breathable. I added new checks for Animal Only Squads as well as town checks and extended the timers.
    -Tortuga is a Soldier Bot now (To complement his occasional errors. I also plan on incorporating some of the error code shouts into his package at some point.)
    -Elizabeth is a P4 Unit now.
    -Reformed bandits and Ronin can now be races other than cannibal.
    -Set Cannibal and Cannibal skav to playable inside of mod to try and convince the editor to cooperate.
    Quick Hotfix
    -Timing fix on Yunomi's Dialogue
    -Placeholder Dialogue Fix
    **Version 2.3**

    -Slezkh now has Dialogue and his own personal bodyguard contract AI package. Not playtested yet.
    -Restructured Pepssim and Opsmit into a squad inside of residents of the Western Hive. They *should* spawn together now. Not playtested yet, either.
    -Rebalanced the placeholder dialogue with stronger/weaker conditions that'll determine whether you'll get them for free or will need to purchase them.
    -Updated Port South/North bars to only have one of: Ex-caravan guards, disillusioned slavers, Potpourri, and Eldritch to choose from with a chance to pick no one at all.

    **Version 2.21**

    -Rebalanced Orphis and Palach a bit
    -Redistributed Unique and Basic Recruits
    -I may or may not have fixed Pepssim and Opsmit, need to playtest the Western Hive area to be sure.
    -Playtested and Pepssim and Opsmit are spawning in a randomly selected Hive Village now!
    -Characters seem to spawn a little better after tweaking.

    -Totally forgot to mention at one point that Delend should have dialogue.
    **Version 2.2**

    -Tortuga has his own Unique dialogue now
    -You can occasionally come across incapacitated recruits near Civilization and other areas homeless squads spawn. Fix 'em up and see if they'll join you! I haven't tested this in game, so please let me know if they do some crazy spawning stuff! (Playtesting Edit: I've come across these guys infrequently in my own test, but the interrupt conversation won't go away. The AI Contract won't automatically repeat itself while the contract is going, but it opens up a possibility of having a constant follower without actually having a party member. Kind of frustrating. Need to fix that.)
    -Wayfaring Monks now have dialogue.
    -Disgraced Ninja now have Dialogue
    -Out of Luck Shopkeepers now have Dialogue
    -Thieves for Hire now have Dialogue
    -Curious Princes now have Dialogue.

    **VERSION 2.1**

    1:Arien now has her own dialogue.
    2:Costs have been balanced on existing dialogues.
    3:Agents of Narko are in game now, right now they're working like the Mercenary Guild. I'll make their own unique Mercenary Dialogue later- this is an option for people who dislike the Holy Nation and need some beef for their outposts or some extra muscle for a town raid.
    4: Basic followers without dialogue have now been updated with placeholder dialogue for now.
    5: The majority of non-human followers shouldn't spawn in Holy Nation towns. I'm sure some may have slipped past me, so if you see some, tell me!
    6: Wandering recruits have been removed for the time being while I restructure them.

    ::Current To-Do List::
    1:Dialogue Packages for Uniques and Basics.
    1A: Timing fixes and additional dialogue lines.
    2: Recruitment Dialogue on listed Unique Recruits
    3: Wandering Recruits as slaves that need to be freed!
    4: Moar Basic Followers- Suggestions welcome!
    5: Skeleton Basics
    6: Agents of Narko Mercenary Shop
    6A: Recruitable Agents and a Unique Follower or two.
    7:Retrofit Versions
    8.Update on Lo-Fi Forum and Nexus Mods
    9. Get other races in on the mix.
    10. Sire and Billy the Squire (?)
    11. Interactions between Palach and Orphis; Pepssim and Opsmit; Tortuga and Elizabeth; Gnume and Griffin; Eldritch and Okuro; Kazakh and Slezkh; Tyran and Opsmit/Pepssim; Ordis and Tyran; Ordis and Optic; L'Cie and Mikael; Mikael and Yunomi; Yunomi and Grimm; Ordis and Infinite Wingwang; Kazakh and Ruka; Dr. Chung and Optic; Izumi and Yunomi; Potpourri and Elizabeth.
    12. Biome Interactions
  11. rjc523
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    How do you recruit Katharciss?
    1. superchicken101
      • member
      • 18 posts
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      I'll see if I can't bring my recruitment guide I have on Steam over to Nexus soon.