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Adds previously unbuyable animals to the world so that you may buy them as pets.

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Have you always wanted a pet?

Well we at Nekos Wild World Pet Emporium have you covered.

You wanted a nice little puppy?
sure, we got you covered.

Or how about a cute death dealing robotic menace
Well we even have you covered there.

So come on down to Nekos Wild World Pet Emporium.
we got the pet you been looking for.

we are not liable if your pets start eating you or start the next Robot Apocalypse.
All sales final.

Welcome to my newest mod

Now you to can travel the lands in search of that pet you always wanted.

So what does this mod cover?
well you can now buy from wandering merchant animal traders your newest and some times cute as a bugs ear, baby pet

What animals are now sold?

glade you asked

for these are what is now being sold in 13 zones currently.

  • Black Gorillos
  • Bonedogs
  • Crabs
  • Goats
  • Gorillos
  • Gutters ( aka Beak Things )
  • Land Bats
  • River Raptors
  • Robot Spiders ( Guard and Worker Types )
  • Spiders ( not small ones )
  • Skimmers
  • Swamp Raptors
  • Swamp Turtles

Now that you have your pet.
You might want a backpack for them.
Do not worry, i got you covered with that as well.
Just pair up with my Animal Backpack mod and you are set to go.