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In anticipation of Fallout 4, I bring Super Mutants to the Kenshi wastes! (WIP)

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My 3rd Mod for Kenshi.

This mod adds Super Mutants (from the Fallout series) to Kenshi as a playable race and recruitable npcs. It also add two game starts.

Super Mutants are powerful mutations and have 200 max condition on all limbs, except their chest which is maxed at 250. Despite this, they are not overpowered, at least in my opinion. SMs are larger than humans, and come with their own editor_data.xml with custom body proportions. 

DON'T SWITCH GENDER FROM MALE - Your game WILL crash, this is a game bug and I cannot fix it at the moment. Female SM is not ready ATM*.

This is very much a WIP, and the texture work is ugly, I know. I am not an artist. The last update has caused some errors with color correction, so the head will not match the body color well in this first release. Enjoy.

*Female SMs don't exist anyway, as most if not all SMs (both the Masters' and the DC wasteland versions) are genderless and sterile if they are not. This is according to Fallout lore.