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Downsized textures for FPS gain and faster loading time.

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Increases FPS, shortens loading time on travel.

Night sky and moons are not affected. Because they look bad resized or on any setting other than high.

Good news, everyone! Starting from version 5 of the mod, Texture Options is now a mod that you can toggle in the launcher. No more need to replace textures manually. Note though, that it will work properly only for version 1.0.21 of the game and up. If you want to use the older version of the game, for some reason, use version 4 of the mod. They're identical, just packaged to work differently.

This mod doesn't require import.

INSTALLATION of version 5

Treat it as any other mod.

Choose only one main file.

Put the contents of the archive into mods folder and check it in the launcher.

INSTALLATION of the older version (version 4)

You might want to backup your data folder beforehand. Or if you want to spend some time and save a few gigabytes of free space on your drive, you could back up only .dds files, maintaining the folders structure. Up to you.

Choose only one main file.

Put the contents of the archive into your Kenshi folder, agree to overwrite when prompted. If you're not prompted, then you're doing it wrong.

The way I do it is I set textures to high in the options and apply 1024 version of the main file. Still looks nice.


Ordenador - Optimizer Textures by AdPipino

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