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Hey you, yeah you. Have ever needed a time to just lay down your head. Just for couple of moments to escape from the crazyness that is today's world? Or maybe you are to poor to buy a bedroll like any other "civilized" person. Then look no further! From this day onward you can sleep on the floor like a hobo!

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This my very first mod for Kenshi.

I've Always found it kinda odd that you can't sleep on the floor. I mean it's like the first human reflex to do when you are tired (i don't know, maybe the Shek and Hive people don't need sleep?), right?

This is why i bring you "Floor Patch". Live like a hobo. Today!

The Floor Patch is a literal clone of the camping bed so it has the same model (for now). It also has only half the healing rate than an actual camping bed to make it a bit more balanced with the gameplay and you don't need anything to build it.

If someone knows how to make the model invisible. Please tell me in the comment section or if you have other ideas, please feel free tell those too.

Happy surviving!