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An attempt to overhaul the GUI to be less intrusive while trying to fit into the game's atmosphere.

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Update: An even darker version of the darker version is available. It should fix brightness problems for those using Desert Reshade, I hope.


This mod uses NipponAiji's Minimal UI as a base which is a mod that alters the PNG file from Eldryn's Dark UI. I stripped down and adjusted some of Minimal UI's elements to follow Dark UI's positioning and added my own twist to it with the goal of being less intrusive while still fitting the game's atmosphere.

• UI retextures
• Font color edits
• Overhaul of UI layouts

  1. Download DesertUI in the main files section.
  2. Extract contents to "\Steam\steamapps\common\Kenshi\mods"
  3. If you're using Font Redux, download Patch for in Font Redux the optional files section.
  4. Extract contents to "\Steam\steamapps\common\Kenshi\mods"
  5. When using any of the optional files, extract all of its contents to "\Steam\steamapps\common\Kenshi\mods\Desert UI"

COMPLEMENTARY MODS: (used in screenshots)
Mods that work well with Desert UI.

1. Font Redux (Patch in optional downloads)
2. Alternative Text Fonts
3. Simple Map Markers
4. Loading Screens Fixed

These are not necessary, but they fit the UI as intended.

Optimal resolution: 1920x1080, borderless window. Font size 16. Not tested on other resolutions.

Eldryn1 for Dark UI
NipponAiji for Minimal UI