If you had any aspiration of making cool full body armour for Kenshi or even just quickly rigging up a bodysuit,  abandon that foolish hope now.
The body is rigged to not a T-pose, nor A-pose, but an I-pose bind with the arms and hands clipping into the side of the body. What this means is that rigging and modelling your mesh around it will be an absolute nightmare and you can forget using automatic weight transfers to make it easier for anything rigged to the torso. Being incredibly foolish I'm trying to do so against all odds.

If you make a race mod most of the sliders will be missing because the skeleton the dev provided is incomplete, however according to others there is a way around this (see the JRPG mod for an example.) Anything unrigged, and anything not involving the arms/shoulder areas should be relatively simple.

A few caveats:
The origin point of the mesh object on export matters.
The dummies provided have origins which are not centred in regard to the mesh itself, select what should be the mirror line and you'll see it's slightly offset.
Weapons seem to have a really weird attachment point and animate like they're floating.
Did I mention the bind pose is terrible?

Good luck and godspeed.

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