Kena: Bridge of Spirits
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Kena Cutscenes Fixed Interpolation 48 FPS 4K original aspect h265 256 color 10bit Depth
Increased Quality.

Permissions and credits
Kena Cutscenes Fixed Interpolation 48 FPS 4K original aspect h265 256 color 10bit Depth
Replace cutscenes in \KenaBridgeOfSpirits\Kena\Content\MoviesPC\Cutscenes.

Epic Quality Graphics

 _|_|_|_|_|                         _|      _|   _|   _|      _|  
     _|      _|  _|_|    _|_|     _|_|    _|           _|  _|    
     _|      _|_|       _|    _|   _|  _|  _|   _|       _|      
     _|      _|         _|    _|   _|    _|_|    _|     _|  _|    
     _|      _|           _|_|     _|       _|    _|   _|      _|

Back-Up, Copy & Paste: 

Drag and drop Engine.ini Scalability.ini into C:\Users\*YOUR USER NAME*\AppData\Local\BendGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor  FOLDER*
copy paste Scalability Groups into GameUserSettings.ini with txt editor

Production quality NOT Reshade.
Improved TAAU, Draw Distances extended LOD, Diffused = Shadows CSM & maps, reflections res sampling, Ambient occlusion, volumetric, Lighting engine photon mapping, emissive, light maps & normals, light shafts, Global Mip LODs, effects, Improved Rain, character details, Global Textures, SSS, SSGI, SSR, Diffused De-noising.
Up-Scaling internal Resolution. Depth of Field Bokeh AA diffused reduced + TAA
10-15% GPU Load increase Recommend 4K 100% screen internal res
View Distance Quality.Diffused denoising.

Maintained original developers look and visuals features just much Higher Quality Unreal Engine 4 dev parameters utilizing next gen hardware.

% Performance Improvements for lower end PC % 
* ScalabilityGroups     Scalability Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation
Lower values first as needed to reduce GPU Load
sg.  defines the scalability ground parameters range from 0 disabled,2= High, 3 = Ultra, 4= Cinematic or Photo Mode
Lower values as needed. 

r.GBufferFormat=2                ;:Defines the memory layout used for the GBuffer. (affects performance, mostly through bandwidth, quality of normals and material attributes). 0: lower precision (8bit per component, for profiling) 1: low precision (default) 3: high precision normals encoding 5: high precision 

r.AlsoUseSphereForFrustumCull=1       ;Performance tweak. If > 0, then use a sphere cull before and in addition to a box for frustum culling.

r.SSR.Quality=2                   ;Whether to use screen space reflections and at what quality setting. 0: off (default) 1: low (no glossy) 2: medium (no glossy) 3: high (glossy/using roughness, few samples) 4: very high (likely too slow for real-time)(limits the setting in the post process settings which has a different scale)(costs performance, adds more visual realism but the technique has limits)

r.SSGI.Quality=2                  ;Quality setting to control number of ray shot with SSGI, between 1 and 4 (defaults to 4).
r.SSGI.HalfRes=1                ;Whether to do SSGI at half resolution (defaults to 0).

r.ShadowQuality=2             ;Defines the shadow method which allows to adjust for quality or performance. 0:off, 1:low(unfiltered), 2:low .. 5:max (default)

 r.Upscale.Quality=3            ;Defines the quality in which ScreenPercentage and WindowedFullscreen scales the 3d rendering. 0: Nearest filtering 1: Simple Bilinear 2: Directional blur with unsharp mask upsample. 3: 5-tap Catmull-Rom bicubic, approximating Lanczos 2. (default) 4: 13-tap Lanczos 3. 5: 36-tap Gaussian-filtered unsharp mask (very expensive, but good for extreme upsampling).
r.SceneColorFormat=3      ;Defines the memory layout (RGBA) used for the scene color (affects performance, mostly through bandwidth, quality especially with translucency). 0: PF_B8G8R8A8 32Bit (mostly for testing, likely to unusable with HDR) 1: PF_A2B10G10R10 32Bit 2: PF_FloatR11G11B10 32Bit 3: PF_FloatRGB 32Bit 4: PF_FloatRGBA 64Bit (default, might be overkill, especially if translucency is mostly using SeparateTranslucency) 5: PF_A32B32G32R32F 128Bit (unreasonable but good for testing)

r.ViewDistanceScale=1         ;Controls the view distance scale. A primitive's MaxDrawDistance is scaled by this value.
Higher values will increase view distance but at a performance cost. Default = 1.

r.SimpleForwardShading=1    ;Whether to use the simple forward shading base pass shaders which only support lightmaps + stationary directional light + stationary skylight. All other lighting features are disabled when true. This is useful for supporting very low end hardware, and is only supported on PC platforms. 0:off, 1:on

* Typically used for Console 

r.ViewDistanceScale.ApplySecjavascript-event-stripped        ;If true applies the secondary view distance scale to primitive draw distances. Default = 0.

r.SecondaryScreenPercentage.GameViewportOverride=1            ;secondary screen percentage for game viewport.
0: Compute secondary screen percentage = 100 / DPIScalefactor automaticaly (default) 1: override secondary screen percentage.

r.ViewDistanceScale.Secjavascript-event-stripped0.8             80% the secondary view distance scale, Default = 1.0.
This is an optional scale intended to allow some features or gamemodes to opt-in.

Screen Percentage set to 100% 
Some features can be disabled, lowered as desired:
Draw Distances all quality
Volumetric Fog
Particle Effects
Lens Flair & adjustment to color effects
View Distance Quality.Diffused denoising.
Bokeh Depth of Field.
Anti Aliasing 16x TAAU color history during TamporalAA upsampling.
Upscaling 13-tap Lanczos 3.
Shadow CSM distance.
Post Process Quality.
Texture mip LODs Quality.
Particle Effects & emitter.
Foliage Quality & Density distance.
Screen Space Reflections Quality.
Screen Space Shadows details.
Screen Space Global Illumination.
Light Shaft Quality.
Translucency Quality
World LOD Quality
Character LOD Quality
Bloom Quality

UDK | ConsoleCommands (
UE4 Console Variables and Commands (
Scalability Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation
Configuration Files | Unreal Engine Documentation
Movable Lights | Unreal Engine Documentation
Visibility and Occlusion Culling | Unreal Engine Documentation
Landscape Technical Guide in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation
Adjusting Engine Feature Levels | Unreal Engine Documentation
Texture Streaming Configuration | Unreal Engine Documentation
Screen Percentage with Temporal Upsample | Unreal Engine Documentation
Cull Distance Volumes in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation
1.8 - Tessellation | Unreal Engine Documentation