Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
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A reshade preset with the goal to intensify and build upon the game's low quality, found footage look.

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Kane And Lynch 2: Dog Days "Liveleak" Preset

This preset is made with intention to improve and intensify the "camcorder" appearance of Kane And Lynch 2 using Reshade. Many of the choices i made while creating this preset were made with the goal of making the camcorder aesthetic more believable. I chose to share this because i was surprised to find there weren't any publicly uploaded preset that attempt this.


This mod is intended to be played with Kane And Lynch 2 on highest settings in 1080p, including all screen effects enabled. I recommend leaving "Antialiasing" off for best compatibility.

  • Download and extract the .zip archive from this mod page. Place the "liveleak.ini" file some place easy to find on your PC
  • Download the latest version Reshade version from here
  • Run the Reshade installer and follow the onscreen prompts. You will be asked to select the Graphics API Kane And Lynch 2 uses. When prompted select "DirectX9"
  • When promoted to select a preset file, navigate to the "Liveleak.ini" file you downloaded in step 1.
  • The Reshade installer should automatically select all the shaders packs needed. Click "next" and reshade along with the required shaders and presets will be installed.


Because the shaders affects all parts of the screen, the HUD may sometimes be difficult to read. You can Enable/Disable a UI Mask using the Del key. This will make the weapon and ammo counter easier to read. Note this mask can also carry over into cutscenes. This is an unfortunate limitation of Reshade that is difficult to work around.

This preset also includes a DoF effect and motion blur effect. these can be completely disabled using the PgUp (Page Up) key.

crosire for Reshade and Ceejay.dk, luluco250, Marty Mcfly, AlucardDH, Lunacy, SirCobra, BlueSkyDefende Vortigern11
For the shaders used in this preset